Host a Summer Olympics-Themed Watch Party Poolside at Home

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This Summer, Team USA will be traveling to Rio, and as the best athletes around the world converge onto one global arena, people worldwide will undoubtedly be watching and cheering on their country and the athletes who compete at the highest level. Of course, Platinum Pools sees a great opportunity for a pool party, and you have options when it comes to combining your home pool with the biggest sports event of the year. Check out these ideas and why we think hosting an Olympics-themed pool party is a great way to become legendary in your own right.

Idea 1: Bring the TV or Projector Outside

Who likes wet floors inside? I’m pretty positive that few do, which is why if you have the ability to do so, bring the TV outside. This may not work well during the day, but it will become amazingly useful when the sun goes down. Imagine being able to float while watching the biggest events – with that kind of opportunity, why wouldn’t you? Now, this may require a bit of effort, which is why we come equipped with secondary options:

  • Option 1: If you can, bring the TV outside. Make sure that the television is in a place where water can absolutely, positively never touch it, and also make sure that your cables that supply signal and power are long enough, are out of the way, and unobstructed. And of course, make sure you keep your electronics in the shade.
  • Option 2: If you have a projector, this is the best plan. By using a projector, you can show the Olympics on many different surfaces. Fences, walls, even white banner paper from an art supply store – if you don’t have a projector screen, improvise!
  • Option 3: If you have a TV but the cable box is too far away, the Internet is your friend. By using a laptop and an HDMI or display adaptor, you can send live feeds straight to your screen of choice. If you have a wireless network in your house, your laptop should be in range, but if you have the ability to plug directly into your home’s router or modem via Ethernet, this can help provide maximum signal.

Host Your Own Olympics for the Kids

Competitive Swimming

While the adults mingle, let the kids have the pool for a bit. Sounds simple, right? Well, not only will it allow for the little ones to have some time to “claim ownership” of the water, it can also be used as a place to spend some of their unlimited energy if you make it an event. One such event can be what many of us used to do when we were younger – compete against our friends in a lap race. If you have a number of children present, group them into groups of 3-4 based on age, skill, or at random. Ideally, you should allow for the weaker swimmers to have a fighting chance to “win”, so make sure you’re not pairing the youngest with the oldest (unless the youngest happens to be a pool prodigy, then by all means). Have the winners of each grouping compete against other group winners and intersperse the rest of the participants into consolation groups so everyone gets a chance to participate. By doing this, you not only get a chance to mellow the kids out a bit with some exercise, but it’s also fun for parents to watch their children compete and have some time with their friends. Plus, it’s nice for the adults to have some time alone under an umbrella, tarp, or whatever shade you’ve got on-hand.

Water Polo

If swimming isn’t in the cards, have the kids use or wear floaties and get a water polo game going! For this, you’ll need to have enough floats on hand, a water-safe ball and a hoop or two. If you don’t have a hoop, be creative and find boxes, crates, or anything that can sit outside of the water and work as an alternative. Pair up the kids into two teams, with each team having an equal mix of age and skill, and let them go to town! Declare a winner and have frozen treats on hand for all participants!

Olympics Breath Holding Contest

And of course, there are events that kids love but may not be IOC-approved. One of these is an old-fashioned breath-holding contest. As is the case with the other two events, these can be regulated by the kids in the pool (let them set the rules – that’s what we did, right?) but ultimately, parental supervision is always suggested when children are in the water. Even the Olympics need referees and supervision.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild This Summer

We could go on and on with ideas designed to bring people together for an Olympics-themed pool party, but the best ideas are the ones that come when the situation at hand inspires others to work with what they have. Look around at your surroundings and never be afraid to incorporate a little bit of DIY creativity, and you’ll be amazed at how seamless a good party can be put together. By allowing for all party guests to have a good time (snacks and refreshments are always a party favorite), everything else will fall into place.