Swimming Pool Chillers

Advantages of Having a Pool Chiller for Your Backyard Oasis

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The number of blogs describing how to heat or cool your pool’s water is impressive.  Don’t ever think that because you don’t have your pool heater on, that the water in your pool will be naturally cool…this is a total myth! Get a pool chiller!

If your swimming pool faces the Texas sun rays, believe us, during summer the water will probably be uncomfortably warm.  Hello!  We are talking about swimming pools, not a spa, right?  This is why it is essential to have a pool chiller on your pool during the hot Texas Summer.  Here are some of the advantages of having a pool chiller:

  • Pool Chillers are energy efficient.
  • They aren’t overly big, so they fit where you want to place them.
  • Maintains a high performance despite the levels of humidity and heat.

Other Advantages on Why You Should Get a Pool Chiller

Pool chillers will not only refresh the water during the summer, but it is also easier to maintain the pool’s water chemical levels.  For example, if the temperature drops 10˚F (say from 90˚ to 80˚), it will save 20 to 25% on chemical consumption.

Pool Chiller Work to Keep It Refreshed – The Facts

If you wonder how a pool chiller works, it is straightforward.  With the water circulating through the system, the airflow eliminates the heat, and the water is pumped back into the swimming pool.  Imagine how comfortable it is to swim in your oasis with a pool chiller during the hot Texas days.

Take Note – Pebble, Quartz, Tile or Dark Finishes Need a Chiller!

Yes! You read right!  The pool water may have less cooling effects if it has some of the materials mentioned above.  You are better off buying a chiller.  There are many sizes and capacities available to choose the one that is right for your swimming pool.  Your residential oasis should have one that decreases the temperature of the water anywhere from 10 to 15˚ in less than 24 hours.

Do You Have an Automatic Cover for Your Pool?  Get a Chiller!

Although most pool owners in Texas don’t close their pools, there can be an exception to the local majority.  If you have a pool with an automatic pool cover, you should have a chiller.  Remember that for most of the year, the temperature can be in the 80’s to 90’s and can heat the pool water.  So, if your oasis is exposed to sunlight, we highly recommend a chiller.

Go with the Best in Pool Chillers…

The TropiCool Water Chiller by Aqua-Cal is the most reliable in the market.  According to the company, their product is designed to lower the temperature of the water in your swimming pool, providing an enjoyable and refreshing experience in high-temperature days.  Their chillers are built to resist humid climates.

Aquacal Tropical Pool Chiller

The advantages of TropiCool Water Chiller include:

  • Easy to use controls to set and maintain a refreshing temperature.
  • It doesn’t work on evaporation; helps to conserve water.
  • Regardless of humidity, keeps a consistent performance.
  • Contains a titanium heat exchanger; it can go without effect from hard water chemicals.
  • It is a perfect chiller for cold plunge pools; it can lower temperature to 45°F.

TropiCool has two models to choose from:

  • TC1000 – cold plunge pool up to 3,500 gallons
  • TC500 – cold plunge pool up to 2,500 gallons

If you are looking at getting the custom pool of your dreams, ask any of our designers on getting a pool chiller.  You’ll be glad in the long run with your pool chiller giving you many cool and refreshing days in your own staycation.

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