Coping Options For New Pool Construction

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Someone once said that “Swimming pool coping is the crowning glory of your oasis.” Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but many pool owners don’t realize that the “borders of the pool” have more to offer than just an esthetic crown.

It takes time and planning to install a brand-new swimming pool.  It is not just a hole in the ground with concrete walls, tiles and filled with water.  There are LED lights, heating, water features and all sorts of other items to consider.  There are also some finishing touches of the pool and the surrounding area you should consider.

What is Coping and What Purpose Does It Serve?

In simple words, pool coping is the capping edge around your swimming pool shell wall.  It separates the swimming pool concrete shell from the surface and helps to protect the pool structure.

Simple, right?  Well, apart from the aesthetics, the coping has many vital functions.  When installed correctly, it will keep water from falling behind the concrete shell.  Coping also helps to keep the splashed water out to flow from the pool and into drains nearby.  Last, but not least, the coping area is typically the least slippery area of your swimming pool decking (depending on the material of coping and decking you add to your pool).

What Styles are Available?

Rolled Edge

Made from natural stones, concrete or brick, the rolled edge coping has a slanted edge.  It is suitable for diving or holding from inside the pool.  You can often find this style of coping in swimming pools used for exercising.


If you are looking for a way for swimmers to get in and out of the pool in a comfortable manner, then bull-nosed styled coping is the one.  It can be made in any material such as stone, poured concrete, brick or steel.  Bull-nosed coping is the most popular style of pool coping.


This modern style of coping goes flat from one side to another, ending in a 90-degree angle, making it look like the material is more substantial or thicker.


If you like rustic décor, then the rough cut is the one for your backyard.  You can use rock or stone for this coping.  If your swimming pool will have a grotto or a waterfall, the rough-cut coping is a more coherent design.

Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Kind of Coping?

Experts say that all elements will bring everything together; it is all about the inside finish of the pool, the color, the waterline tile, even the slip rating of the product plays a significant role.  There is also the constant exposure of sun, rain, and other natural elements.  Keep in mind that the coping gets wet and dry regularly, so it is essential to consult with your designer in selecting a stone that will work properly.

Which Materials are Viable for Coping?

There is a variety of materials that can be used for pool coping; it ultimately all depends on the pool design and your requests.  Some of the most common pool coping materials are:

Travertine Coping


Known by its rich tones and natural shade variations, travertine is a natural beauty that adds warmth and sophistication, making it a beautiful addition to your swimming pool.

Flagstone Pool Coping


Earth-toned colors and textures are what makes the Flagstone idyllic for the space surrounding a pool. It has a non-slip surface, it is moisture and heat resistant, and excellent to withstand constant use.


Slate Pool Coping


The stone preferred by masons and architects for centuries, is still a favorite type of flagstone that is heavy, durable, and easy to install. What makes this stone fabulous is that it can adapt in various lengths and widths.


Marble Coping


Another versatile stone known for opulence and class, giving your swimming pool an elegant and distinction to your oasis.



Porcelain Paver Coping

Porcelain Paver

This paver needs little maintenance. It is resistant to mold and moss thanks to its low water absorption.  It is hard-wearing and anti-slip.  Porcelain pavers come in a variety of sizes and colors.


Bullnose Brick Pool Coping

Bull-Nose Brick

Bull-nose coping is a popular choice for the new construction of pool decks. They provide an elegant, finished appearance.



There are many options out there despite that it’s just the coping.  Even though selecting coping is one small decision it’s a decision that will make an enormous impact of how your outdoor family room will look, and how it will fit with the rest of the landscape.

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