Swimming Pool Inspections

Get Your Swimming Pool Inspected

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Are you looking for an appraisal or looking to sell your property?  What about having your pool inspected for properly functioning equipment, overall safety or a leakage?  Many pool owners are looking for a professional to conduct a pool inspection.  Believe us, pool inspections are more beneficial than you probably think they are.  Here are some of the facts about swimming pool inspections:

Assess Home Value

Looking to sell or buy a home? A pool inspector can help determine the pools added value to the property.  Another advantage is that, as a seller or buyer, the inspection will help you know the maintenance that the swimming pool needs to help bring the appraisal higher, and making it look its best.

Pool InspectorSafety

This is something we always emphasize, and is crucial, especially if you have children. You want to make sure that the toddlers don’t get into your pool without you. During the inspection, there are two items to point out:

  1. Pool Barrier – is imperative to have a self-closing fence with a latch. The lock should be at least 54-inches from the ground.
  2. Properly Functioning Equipment – It is important to make sure that all pool equipment is well maintained and functioning correctly. If equipment is poorly maintained it could result in a gas leak or serious electrical issues.


A swimming pool in your backyard typically means an increase in gatherings at your place. Keep in mind that your guests and relatives need protection as well.  If someone gets hurt while using the pool, you can be held liable.  Even if someone trips on a crack in the deck and gets injured, you will be responsible for their care.  The inspector will indicate anything that may cause injury.


Keeping your pool in pristine condition is another important factor when it comes to an inspection. The inspection reveals if any repairs are needed to ensure that your oasis stays in great shape for a long time.


The heart and soul of the swimming pool also needs to get inspected. Imagine, if you are buying a property with a swimming pool, the chances are that you want to make sure that the pump and the filtering system is working correctly.  The inspector will run the pool’s system as a test to ensure if it is in good standing or if it needs any repairs.

Pool Equipment Inspections

Purchasing a New Home with a Swimming Pool

Some new communities build homes with a swimming pool. However, in some cases, they may use low-quality materials for the oasis.  Before you buy the home with the pool, have an inspector check the pool, and the home, before you sign on the dotted line.

The same goes for when you plan to buy a previously occupied home.  Everything associated with the pool including fountains, waterfalls, spa, and even the pump and filter equipment needs to be inspected before you sign any papers.

Now is the Time to Call a Pool Inspector

The inspection determines what you need to do to keep your pool in the best shape possible, regardless whether you plan to sell your home or to enjoy the oasis for years to come.

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