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Pool Maintenance Services

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Our commitment to our clients at Platinum Pools is to build our customers the backyard of their dreams. When a customer is looking to build a swimming pool, we provide a walk-through of the building process and design a pool that is fitting to their lifestyle and their backyard.

We build beautiful pools and outdoor living environments for our clients, of course. Yet, maintenance services are in demand. Let’s face it! It is very important to keep your new swimming pool in top-notch condition.

Why should you hire our professional maintenance crew? Everything needs maintenance, and a swimming pool is not exempt. Pool maintenance services help to preserve the structure and equipment of the oasis as well as to prevent any serious complications with your pool. Our expert team at Platinum Pools is ready to maintain your dream backyard and more.

What Services Does a Swimming Pool Need?

  • Pool Filtering Cleaning Services – it is crucial to clean the filters every six months. Our maintenance staff can clean DE filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters.
  • Pool Equipment Repair Work – we will inspect and repair any of the following equipment: pumps, filters, heaters, chillers, controllers, timers, and robotic cleaners.
  • Pool Equipment Upgrade – if you need to have Energy-Efficient equipment or electronic controllers, we can switch out your old equipment for new more efficient pool equipment for you.
  • Pool Cleaner and Heater Tune-Ups – pool cleaners and heaters just like your home’s HVAC system need to have tune-ups from time to time to make sure they are running efficiently and properly.
  • Pool Draining and Acid Wash – cleaning your swimming pool isn’t just about the water, but about the walls and tiles. If your pool is showing signs of algae or calcium stuck to your pool walls you may need to drain, and acid wash your pool. Our pool draining and acid wash will leave your pool looking like new.

Properly maintaining your pool will help extend the life of the components of your pool, helping to decrease the chance that your pool will need any major repairs. It will help a homeowner reduce expenses and enjoy a properly functional pool every year.

Keep in mind that before we do any repairs, we will inspect the pool heating and filtering system. In that way, we can ensure the repair or replacement of the equipment. Our experienced professionals oversee all maintenance performance and update the homeowner on the current state of the pool. Although some people decide to do the maintenance of their pools by themselves, they may skip some crucial steps. In this way, our professionals precisely know what items they should check each time they perform this service to ensure keeping the oasis in excellent condition for as long as possible.

More people require maintenance services throughout the year, as the pools must have continuous care even when it is not in use. Our scheduled services help your oasis stay in excellent condition and have it ready for those Texas’ hot days.

Remember, pool maintenance services not only help to preserve your pool’s structure and equipment, but it also helps to keep the water’s pH and chemicals in balance.

Platinum Pools is more than just building the pool of your dreams, but to preserve your backyard dreams working correctly. Call us at 281-870-1600 or visit our website for a free quote.