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The Continuing Popularity of the Swim-Up Bar

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For over sixty-eight years, the swim-up bar continues as one of the most popular pool features.  What was once a grand feature in many hotels worldwide, and later for the rich and famous, is now available at residential homes. 

Many homeowners who have a pool may add an in-pool table and bar stools, while others may want the complete enchilada with a swim-up bar that includes a grill, sink, and refrigerators. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new era of the swim-up bar.

Homeowners are looking to create a resort setting in their backyard, to entertain, relax, and have the kids enjoy the time in the pool.  While many believe that it is exclusively for large backyards, there are ways to make them work in other sized backyards as well.

There are essential points for the design of a swim-up bar.  Beauty and function are essential, but also a practical one: space.

The total square footage, size, and shape are factors in allocating a pool and the area.  A pool expert can advise about it at the beginning of the design process.

The Standards of a Swim-Up Bar

A swim-up bar typically consists of two to five barstools.  The top of the seat should be below the waterline, making half of the body positioned underwater while the other half is out and above the surface. 

The countertop can be a decorating detail covered with mosaic tiles or stone.  Many homeowners use bold colors to make the swim-up bar dramatic eye candy in the oasis.  

A cabinet area next to the bar on the pool is essential to have a place for beverages and cups. You may also want to consider adding a cooking area with a pavilion to complete the swim-up bar with an attached outdoor kitchen. 

Design Expert Suggestions

  • Swim-up bars fit in shallow areas with 30 to 42 inches of water height.
  • The seat height must be comfortable to sit on and allow the person to remain partially in the water.
  • The countertop should be 6 inches above the pool’s edge to provide enough knee room.
  • You can provide food and drinks to people outside the pool and socialize. If you are not serving meals but only drinks, you should give enough cabinet space to store your beverages and cups. However, if you want access to a kitchen, the swim-up bar should be accessible on the other side of the counter.
  • Always ask an expert designer to guide you step-by-step in designing the pool of your dreams. Create a budget and a list of amenities you want for your pool

Advantages of Having a Swim-Up Bar

  • Swim-up bars create a resort setting in a backyard.
  • Provide a relaxing atmosphere: excellent for entertaining family and guests.
  • Saves patio space.
  • Both gathering formats are excellent for children – you can serve them their lunches or snacks without them having to get out of the swimming pool.
  • Can saves space, especially when having a small to a medium-sized backyard.

We always have an expert designer ready to take you through the process of creating the pool of your dreams. Make a budget and a list of the amenities you want in your swimming pool. Platinum Pools helps its customers make the best pool for each customer’s desire.  Contact us for more information!