Porcelain Pavers – An Alternative for Your Pool Decking

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Porcelain Pavers have come a long way.  What used to be exclusive for interior tiling for floors and walls, they are now excellent for outdoor areas.  Homeowners want durability, stain resistance, and beauty.   Now, creativity comes to play when designing an indoor-outdoor flow and other ways to use porcelain paving.

Porcelain Paver

Besides porcelain pavers’ technical and aesthetic properties, they also comply with essential safety requirements for exteriors in public places.  The combination of anti-slip surface and extreme wear and weather resistance makes porcelain tile a favorite.  Porcelain tile is an ideal tile for residential swimming pools. 

Superior Wear Resistance

Nonporous, a porcelain decking will not stain and require no sealing.  Porcelain pavers remain in good condition over time and looking good on the first day!   Its high slip resistance on finishes, ensuring a safe outdoor floor area, wet or dry.

If a homeowner wants a monochromatic look for the backyard, porcelain pavers can give any look.  It can also provide an illusion of natural stone or wood planks with endless stone and wood displays.  It doesn’t fade, chip or splinter.

There are many ways to create curb envy or curb appeal.  Take a front porch and a residential entrance; place porcelain pavers or porcelain decking and set a home apart from the neighbors.  Also, a porcelain paver is a game-changer in creating seamless indoor/outdoor transitions for rear porches. The effect is an indoor mirror flooring design and porcelain wall veneers to give a flawless look.  

Creative Transitions

Another great way to create a transitional look with porcelain pavers is by using them as an accent in walkways and steps.  It makes a visual contrast to a concrete paver design or a cohesive outdoor living design.

The Joy of Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor kitchens give a backyard that extra oomph of livability. And this is where porcelain building materials are at their best.  The porcelain decking resists stains due to their composition and finish. No matter if it is mud, oil, pizza sauce, or even red wine, wipe it off and go! Also, porcelain paver coordinates quite nicely with other building materials.

Spa-Worthy Poolscapes

Low maintenance and slip-resistant, a porcelain poolscape is a modern take on the age-old favorite backyard addition. Porcelain pavers create a sleek ultra-contemporary look.  It is also great to combine it with other materials for eye-catching inlaid designs. In the long run, porcelain pavers are an excellent material for creating a stepping-stone pool deck.

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