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What Platinum Pools Stands For – Over 20 Years in Business

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For more than twenty years, our swimming pools represent a testament to our slogan, “We Can Prove the Difference.” Today, Platinum Pools continues to provide top quality assurance.

With thousands of happy customers over the years, it is our legacy is to provide the best customer service, a customized swimming pool based on your request and needs, and continued equipment service for your oasis. Most of all, we like helping families spend more time making memories instead of spending time upkeeping their oasis.

When Scott Waldo founded Platinum Pools in 1998, he had in mind to provide a product that we could prove was different from our competition. Our team of designers is ready to guide prospects through the process, from the initial construction to the final product.

It is through hard work and doing what is right; Platinum Pools is now one of the most recognizable companies in the pool industry nationwide.  We’ve received many accolades through the years, including the World Best Swimming Pool Award by Pebble-Tec, The Best of Houzz for Service Award, and have been ranked within the 50 top builders in the USA by Pool and Spa News many years.

Longevity and the Importance of Having a Pool Built by an Established Pool Builder

Buying a swimming pool is one of the most significant investments a homeowner will make beyond the purchase of a home. Be aware of some construction companies that are “here today, gone tomorrow.” While they may offer a lower price for building an oasis, how can they provide you peace of mind or continue to provide any kind of warranty or service to preserve your pool?

Our years of experience prove the difference. How do we do it?

Our Construction Department has a detailed checklist for each phase of the construction of a swimming pool. A Construction Supervisor will have multiple walkthroughs with the client during the construction of their pool. The walkthroughs help ensure that it is at 100% satisfaction before continuing to the next steps. If there is anything that does not pass the inspection or meet our standards, our construction crew has a targeted timeline of four days to rectify the situation. Our goal is to build each pool right.

Platinum Pools has a Quality Assurance Department (QAD) that reviews every warranty and service calls issued. Its job is to analyze the situation, report their findings, and rectify with a better process or solution moving forward. Quality assurance is an essential part of our company; it helps us to build a better, longer-lasting pool.

Platinum Pools, Providing the Difference

Quality assurance. Building process. Building checklist. In-House service. This is what makes Platinum Pools continue to prove the difference. We encourage all to read the entire contract of their pool for all details.

At Platinum Pools, we believe in helping our clients who trust us with their investment. We do not just build a pool then leave you to fend for themselves. Our In-House Service and Warranty department has professionals who are ready to work directly with our clients.

Platinum Pools is more than just building the pool of your dreams. Call us at 281-870-1600 or visit our website for a free quote today.