Perfect Pool For You

What Makes a Swimming Pool Perfect for You?

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

Every pool has a unique personality, with a design adapted to the functionality required by the owner of each one of them.  There are many different design styles and features to choose from to create a pool that is perfect for you. Some popular types of pool options to choose from include.

Cocktail pools

• Large pools

Infinity pools

Pools with spa

• Spools

Pools with acrylic walls

Popular Pool Options to Create Your Perfect Pool

1. In-Floor Cleaning System

An in-floor pool cleaner has an automatic valve or a set of valves that distributes water to different areas of the pool using a series of in-floor nozzles strategically placed in areas like stairs, benches, tanning shelves and bottom of the pool.

The in-floor nozzles disburse pressured water that sweeps dirt and debris existing in the pool into the in-floor cleaner drain and can be installed in both large and small pools. 

2. LED Lights

Adding LED lights to a swimming pool allows spending more hours of relaxation and enjoyment by the pool.  Experts say that LED lights can last up to forty-five thousand hours of use and can save you up to 85% in utility cost, compared to traditional pool lights.

If a homeowner wants a swimming pool in the backyard, then they should consider adding LED lights.  It is an excellent investment in making your oasis glamorous.

Other LED Light advantages:

  • LED lights are more energy-efficient.
  • LED lights have more variety in colors: cold, semi-warm, warm, RGB, or colors, with programmable color-changing features.

3. Spa

Many clients today want to include a spa on their swimming pool as part of the outdoor experience.  It can be adjacent, separated, or raised. 

Having a spa in your backyard not only will provide a total hydrotherapy experience; adding a spillway adds a beautiful water feature to your pool.

4. In and Out Access

It would be neither the first nor the last time that we will encounter difficulties when leaving or entering a swimming pool.

For this reason, and regardless of the age of the pool users, a pool must have access and exit points that are comfortable and minimize the possibilities of future unnecessary incidents.

A great way to create a safe entrance and exit is a beach entry.   Beach entries not only give a natural beach look but also provides a safe way to enter and exit a pool.  Adding gushers to a beach entry can also create hours of entertainment for the kids.

Another feature that provides a safe entry is a tanning shelf.  A tanning shelf is a shallow section of the pool where kids can play, and adults can layout in loungers or dip their feet into the water. Some tanning shelves may even have stairs.   Like the beach entry, tanning shelves also look great when combined with gushers or with LED lights.

Now that you have the perfect pool enjoy it!

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