Columns With Planters and Scuppers

Options to Put on Raised Walls & Columns

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Not so long ago, we published on the subject of raised walls and their functions on an oasis.  Although most of the land in Southeastern Texas is flat, a raised wall can fill any void, such as slopes or elevated areas. When it happens, a homeowner must consider where your swimming pool should go. It can be at a high part, a low position, or the middle of a slope.  Despite its function, raised walls are also a piece of beauty that can hold different pool features.

Having a raised wall on a swimming pool is more than just a function to keep it balanced. There are many other reasons why designers include raised walls in their designs. In most cases, we recommend to:

  • Build low walls
  • Make the walls part of the oasis
  • Use the walls to hold water features
  • Make a wall stand out
  • Make a wall blend with the decoration of your backyard

On the other hand, columns for raised walls bring a different characteristic to the whole décor.  It is incredible to understand that those columns in the center or on each corner of a raised wall need a lift.  So, by using the imagination, the columns also can be a place to house some of the following accessories:

Swimming Pool Scuppers

Adding scuppers on raised wall or columns create a visual enhancement and adds a soothing backdrop of sound to a pool. Scuppers come in various designs and sizes, selecting the size and design best for a support column.

Sheer Descents

Adding a sheer descent gives a dramatic focal point.   A homeowner can adjust the water flow to create a wide range of effects.  It can be adjusted to fit perfectly on a raised wall or column.

Fire Bowls

Add a spark of decoration to your backyard with an outdoor fire bowl. Fire pieces add a unique flair to any pool setup. The fire bowl connects to a propane tank that supplies the bowl with gas for continuous glow hours using fire glass.

Fire glass for a gas fire pit comes in various colors.  Amongst the advantages of fire glass are:

  • No discoloration
  • No melting
  • Non-toxic
  • No burning
  • Smokeless
  • Produces no ash or soot

Fire & Water Bowls

Adding fire and water bowls is decorative and creates a soothing ambiance.  It is an exciting pool addition that transforms your backyard into a resort. 


Recently, one of our clients decided to place concrete figures on top of columns supporting the swimming pool, giving a majestic look to the oasis.

Plant Bowls

Many of our clients love to place planting bowls on top of columns as well.  Some may already have a water feature.

Outdoor Lamps

Another way our clients look for extending use in their backyard is by placing lamps on a raised wall’s support columns.

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