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Selecting the Right Waterslide

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Pools and playgrounds are the epitome of outdoor fun, when you combine the two, you have a formula for many fantastic summer memories.  A visit to your local water park may seem like a fun family adventure, but we’ll let you in on a little secret! You do not need to leave your backyard to enjoy a pool slide.  Like a good diving board, a quality slide can be the perfect addition to your pool.  You must choose one that fits your pool, patio, backyard, and sense of adventure.

Check Before You Buy

Homeowners must know the applicable regulations before building anything in their home, including installing a swimming pool.  For example, if you install a slide for your home, some neighborhoods or gated residential areas may require a fenced yard.  Also, your homeowners’ association may have restrictions on the height of the slide.

The market offers a variety of models.  Although plastic and inflatable slides are the most common, choosing those that provide excellent value for money, good quality, and easy installation and maintenance is better.  Choosing water slides of newer design with additional structural components can contribute to overall safety.  Remember only some slides are easy to install and suitable for your pool – you must consider the pool size and the surroundings.  Ensure a water slide does not restrict movement on the pool deck and is safe for any child.

When choosing your slide, you need to know the size of your deck to determine how big a slide you can put there and measure the depth of the pool.  It will guide you on how deep the swimmers can go before the slide is too big or too high.

Making The Right Choice

Do thorough research and exercise extreme caution when selecting and purchasing a water slide.  If a property already has a swimming pool, opt for slides that are flexible in height adjustment and easy to install in almost any space.   Some of the general requirements that pool slides should meet are:

Children’s slides must be safe.  Ensure installing the feature securely on the ground.  Check that it doesn’t move with little contact.

The surface of the slide must be smooth so that the child is not scratched or injured.  Also, the surface must be wet so that the slide is safe.

At the end of the slide, the swimmer must land in a safe pool depth. 

The slide must be appropriate for the child’s age for him to feel secure on it.


Some homeowners prefer to install a waterslide on their own.  Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure all the necessary tools for the job.  

Most manufacturers make their owner/installation manuals available on their websites.  Additionally, you can locate such manuals using a search engine.

If you’re uncomfortable installing a slide, let Platinum Pools help you choose the proper installation and the waterslide that fits your needs. 


The design and manufacturing materials for a pool slide can determine the price of a waterslide.  Due to this, you will see a wide range of pricing depending on the quality of the slide and how complicated it is to install. Keep in mind it is always cheaper to include a slide with your new construction pool than it will be to add one to a pool down the road, as your designer will be able to design your pool with the type of slide you want in mind. If you add a slide down the road you may need to remodel a portion of your pool for the slide to be installed safely.

If you want to know more about waterslides, ask one of our designers at Platinum Pools.  Visit our website for a free quote.