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Safety Fences for Swimming Pools

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Children are the ones who enjoy the pool the most. Therefore, safety must be the “number one” on the list of priorities, especially in a backyard with a swimming pool.  It is a good idea to look around and make a list of the accessories that help to avoid accidents like a safety fence. No homeowner wants to go through a bad experience like a pool accident.   

Homeowners, in most cases, do not worry about this critical safety accessory in preventing what might happen until a baby becomes a toddler. It becomes a challenge for parents to monitor, and that is when they gear into placing a fence around the swimming pool. Of course, it is not only for the kids who live in the home but for other neighbors’ children who may sneak into a neighboring backyard when the owners are not at their home to “use” the pool.

A safety fence is a reliable option. Some states require homeowners, by law, to install a security fence or pool cover to prevent swimming pool accidents. After all, any big, small or shallow pool can be dangerous for children, senior citizens, and pets.

The security fence is a barrier that prevents little ones from jumping into the swimming pool. In most cases, the fence is about four-five feet high, built with materials that make it difficult for toddlers to climb. Why not use an iron-gated fence? Although they are beautiful, their décor can serve as access for children to climb over, regardless of how high the obstacle is.  The most recommended materials to use for a safety fence are one made from mesh and fiberglass.

Advantages of Installing a Safety Fence:

  • Safety fences are flexible – place or remove them as needed.
  • Fiberglass poles used in mesh fencing are lighter, more robust, and resistant to rust.
  • Mesh resistance can go between 40, 60, or 100 pounds.
  • The taller, the better – several experts in child safety recommend having a five-foot fence than going with the standard 3.5 feet measurement.

Other Safety Tips

Remember that Drowning is the #1 preventable accident of children ages 1-4. Apart from installing a safety fence, we want to give out other recommendations to keep your oasis safe:

  • Keep outdoor furniture away from the safety fence – ensure not to place anything near the fence that a child may climb onto, like chairs, tables, or decorative items.
  • Pool Alarm – installing a pool alarm can alert a homeowner of any disturbances.
  • Door Locks – any doors that give access to the backyard must have an automatic door lock.
  • Infant Swimming Lessons – it is best to have an infant in swimming lessons as early as possible. A good start can be as early as seven months. 
  • Supervise Children and Designate a Water Watcher – do not leave a child or children unattended, not even for a second. Anything can happen.
  • Is a child missing? Check the swimming pool first – if a child disappears, the first place to look is the pool.   
  • Learn CPR – homeowners and adult family members such as grandparents, babysitters, and anyone else who is left alone with your child should know CPR. It can make a difference and save a life.
  • Teach your family, friends, and babysitters pool safety – anyone who watches your child, including the homeowner, should understand pool safety and how to keep children safe around the pool.

In many of our blogs, we emphasize safety. Not only do we recommend having a first aid kit on hand, but also lifesaving jackets for the kids. Remember that prevention is number one, and installing a security fence around your pool will help protect life.

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