Hiding Pool Equipment Behind Bushes

Hiding a Pool’s Pump and Filter System in a Backyard

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The swimming pool pump and filter system is the heart of the oasis, but it can be an eyesore in a backyard if you do not have a good place for its hiding. Pool equipment ends on one side of the house in most cases. In reality, it is best for your pool equipment not to be too far from the swimming pool. 

There are other ways to hide the pool equipment, such as landscaping, boxes, or fences. Regardless of the options, always ask a pool designer to help create an area to best tuck away or hide the equipment. 

Some ideas include:

Pool Screens

While some homeowners with swimming pools have panel enclosures, pool screens are the most popular and available at local hardware/home improvement stores. Many are made of vinyl resin and have many advantages like:

  • Flexibility – vinyl resin screens are easy to install. Connect the stake-simulated legs on the bottom, and they are easy to put into many different positions.
  • Durability – vinyl resin is weather-resistant, and it preserves the look for a long time. 
  • Maintenance – all it needs is a hose to get it clean.  
  • Variety – from a picket-fence to prairie designs, a homeowner can spend hours deciding which style to use. It’s recommendable to go with colors and textures that simulate natural wood panels or bamboo. 


There are plants that not only beautify the landscape but also can work as a pool equipment hiding. Here are some of the plants recommended by experts:

  • Boxwoods– are an excellent screen for large or small pool systems since they grow very thick and plush.
  • Japanese Holly– not only grows full and lush, but they are also leafier, great for creating a privacy hedge. 
  • Daisy Bush– is a hardy hedge that requires sun and partial shade. It needs pruning a few times a year, but it gives great flexibility around the pool filtering system.  
  • Fairy Tails– are tall, hardy grass that does not seed and is non-invasive. It gives a charming, wispy touch to your backyard, and, best of all, it is resistant to winter weather. 
  • Yucca– is a great low-maintenance plant. Like the Japanese Holly, it grows with large leaves. However, it needs preservation in the colder months.  
  • Palm Trees– are the ultimate in pool equipment coverage. There are short palm trees with luscious leaves that help cover the equipment. Best of all, it doesn’t shed, and fronds won’t fall into the pool. 


A professionally built wall around the pool equipment is another option that is good for hiding that some homeowners prefer.  

  • Wood – it is the ultimate in pool filter system enclosing. It provokes emotional responses regardless of the style. Best of all, it fits in almost any outdoor surroundings.
  • With a careful design, Stone can bring out the natural and classic ageless look that it brings to a property.  
  • Glass panels are ideal for modern-designed homes.

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