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The Spa – Available Shapes and Its Benefits

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Today, many customers who want a swimming pool in their backyards include a spa as part of the complete outdoor experience.  No matter if it is connected, raised with a spillway or separated, spas give the family enjoyment all year round.  Spas provide relaxation while the kids entertain themselves with the water jets.   In-ground raised spas also have beauty features like a spillover into the pool, serving as a water feature as water spills from your spa into your pool.

Many spa shapes complement your pool design. Before we go into the different spa shapes available, let’s go a bit deeper on how a spa provides health benefits.

Spa and Hydrotherapy

Since ancient times, many civilizations have not only been using water as a source of relaxation and social gatherings but also for health benefits. Examples of this are the Greek, Roman or Arab baths.

When the Jacuzzi Brothers came up with a hydraulic bath system for one of their relatives, a revolution started. Since then, the spa has now become a major part of a swimming pool.  Although most people see it as a fun and romantic area, it is also a place where hydrotherapy techniques are applied, a discipline that fits within the range of physiotherapy.

Types of hydrotherapy

Water can have different effects, on various parameters of health. What determines the existence of several modalities or applications of hydrotherapy:

Physical Hydrotherapy

Pressure jets and exercise without putting pressure on the joints is the characteristic of floating on water, defining healing benefits.

Thermal Hydrotherapy

Different water temperatures determine the effect that can have on the body.  Hot water will exert a relaxing result and will produce peripheral vasodilatation. Cold water, on the other hand, stimulates circulation and heart rate, providing a toning and anti-inflammatory effect.

Chemical Hydrotherapy

The chemical composition of the water will have different effects — waters with variable contents in mineral salts or other compounds, which is known as mineral-medicinal waters. An example is Thalassotherapy, a treatment using salt water for therapeutic purposes.

Spa Shapes

As we said before, the shape of your spa needs to complement that of your pool’s design.  Not only the overall added appearance and health benefits play a role in what type of spa you should be getting but also the number of people that you want to be able to fit in the spa at the same time.

Round Shaped Spa

Around shaped spa is great when you want to be able to have many people soaking in the spa at the same time.  It gives a cozy, natural seating configuration for when you and your family can enjoy a good conversation.

Glass Pool Tile Spa

Square Spa

If you have a geometric swimming pool, then a square spa goes well with the design.   Using a 90°-degree angle on each corner, a square spa can be inground or raised with a spillway for a more impressive look.  The designer can also give a Greek or Roman look to the spa by just altering the corners.

Square Spa With Open Spillway

Lagoon-Style Spa

If you have a tropical look in your backyard, then consider the lagoon-style spa.  A lagoon-style spa is considered a freeform spa design. It gives a distinctive look and the impression of being on an island.

Freeform Shape Spa

Moss Rock Wall Spa

If you want a more natural ambiance, then consider getting a moss rock wall.  It will look like a creation made by Mother Nature.

Raised Spa With Moss Rock Spillway

Modern Spa

A modern spa usually goes great with a modern shaped swimming pool.  The design can be geometric or a variation of the style depending on which style of modern fancies the pool.

Raised Spa in Fulshear

Natural Spa

If you love nature, then this style is for you.  Natural spas are, in many cases, a freeform style surrounded by natural boulders and a spillway.  And yes, a natural spa shape goes great with a natural-designed freeform pool.

Freeform Spa Shape with Spillover

We invite you to think outside of the box with your spa design.  Let Platinum Pools build the best swimming pool and spa for your family to enjoy. Visit our offices in Houston, Victoria or Beaumont or call us at 281.870.1600.  You can also get more information on our website.