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Throw a Pool Party for Your Teen

In Party Planning by Swimming Pool Expert

We all know that the teenage years can be difficult on teens as well as parents. However, your teen will always remember, and maybe even be secretly pleased with, the pool party you throw for him or her this summer. Here are some ideas for a successful teen party.

Note: Consult your teen about any of these ideas. Let him or her be involved in the planning and setting up of the party to make sure he or she takes pride in this party as well.

Teen Pool Party Tips

•    Consider a theme, but make sure that your son or daughter is happy with this idea first!
•    Set up areas for relaxing both in the sun and the shade. Teens love to just talk to their friends. Find ways to set up an area conducive to this.
•    Have plenty of snacks! Chips, dips, a veggie tray, and drinks are a must. If you’re serving dinner try to stick to the classics like hot dogs and hamburgers, but have vegetarian options available as many teens today are contentious about their food choices.
•    Mix up some mock-tails. Non-alcoholic drinks can be mixed into fruity and fun concoctions that make teens feel all grown up.
•    Make sure you have some good music playing to set the tone! Let your son or daughter pick out some of his/her favorite music that all of the guests will enjoy. The Beach Boys and other beach music is always a good option. Check out some playlists for ideas!

Need some fun activities? Try these:

•    Decorate flip-flops. Purchase some cheap flip flops and have your teen’s guests decorate them with markers, puff paints, sequins, and even rhinestones.
•    Games are always a fun idea. Sports related games such as volleyball or a water fight for the guys may be best for this age group.