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The Perfect Kid’s Pool Party

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It’s no secret; when it gets hot outside kids want to go to the pool! Some of our most cherished childhood memories happened splashing around the pool with our friends and it’s no surprise that your kids will want to do the same thing. Whether they’re in the kiddie pool or the “big” pool, here a few sure-fire ways to throw a great kid’s pool party.


•    Consider having a themed pool party for your child. While the pool can be a theme in and of itself, a theme can make it extra fun for your children and his or her friends.
•    Balloons and streamers are always festive.
•    Don’t forget party favors! Kids love walking away with a baggie full of Sillybandz, candy, and other fun items.


•    Quick and simple is the key to this party.
•    Anything from cheese pizza to hotdogs will work best!
•    Sodas are fun at any age, but try to keep plenty of cold water on hand as small children tend to get dehydrated easily.
•    Afraid about the infamous 30-minute rule? Find out the facts about eating and swimming.


•    Water balloon and squirt gun fights are always a hit with kids.
•    Check out children’s pool games for many more fun ideas.

Don’t Forget:

•    Music helps kids relax and get into the party. Crank up the tunes! Try this playlists.
•    Have lots of sunscreen handy! Sometimes parents forget to put sunscreen on their children and fair-skinned children will need multiple applications to avoid burning.
•    Child pool safety is a major consideration when throwing a children’s pool party. Make sure you read the safety tips and have plenty of adults on-hand to supervise.
•    Goggles and floaties are never a bad idea to have on hand for any children that may not be very comfortable with deep end.