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Did you know that one of the most popular features of a swimming pool is a grotto? It is a perfect addition that brings added beauty and privacy. Pool designers can create grottos appealing to the eye, providing an excellent channel for water to pour, all while meeting specifics from a client’s preference and circumstance.Swimming Pool Cave Grotto

Custom Pool Grotto With WaterfallWhat is a Grotto?

A grotto pool is none other than a cave that can be made by nature or by a fellow man. In Europe, many people use a lot of natural grottos for gardens, or to house a chapel.  In most cases, these caves are close to a body of water, so, it’s no wonder that it became a great feature for your own oasis.

If you are looking to add a grotto pool as your swimming pool, keep in mind that it will depend on the size and depth of the designed oasis.  For example, if a pool is a moderate size, then a small grotto where one or two swimmers can fit is ideal.  But, for a very deep luxurious pool, a big cave would be the best option.

Light fixtures in a swimming pool grotto are adapted to a client’s needs, helping transform the pool’s looks.  In most situations, lights are scattered through the area. In other occasions others prefer simple lighting, with varied hues and sizes.Pool Water Features Grotto and Gushers

Grottos With Other Pool Features

Surprisingly enough, grotto pools can be adapted to any other feature. Whether it’s water slides, water tubes, seating area or a wet bar.  Caves can also give you the extra warmth you need.  Heating systems are installed in most swimming pools so that it can provide shelter from the cooling air.

A grotto pool may be the best swimming pool accessory that the family will enjoy.  The kids will have fun swimming under a waterfall and get their imaginations going.  They may even love to name that water cave the secret spot.  And the adults can enjoy the cave for a more private place to relax, when the kids aren’t around.

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