Custom Pool LED Lighting for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Colors for Your Swimming Pool

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Custom pool lighting

When we think of a Valentine’s Day gathering by the swimming pool, the first thing that comes to mind is a heart-shaped pool.  That is all fine and dandy; but, if you don’t use colored LED lights, your oasis will look like it does every single day.

The Colors of Valentines Days

All holidays have their signature color to represent the festivities.  Interesting enough, it seems that red is the color of choice.  Let’s face it!  Christmas, Memorial Day, Fourth of July; the list goes on and on.  However, in recent years, we are seeing more combination of colors to make it easier to decorate for that celebration.  We remember

Valentine's Day ColorsValentine’s Day using red and pink for cards, flower decors, and chocolate wrapping; not anymore.  In recent years, many party coordinators and interior designers made it acceptable to have a combination of colors just to make it easier to decorate.

Today, Valentine’s Day is not only red and pink, but also many pale pastel colors enter into the decorative equation.  All you have to do is look at those heart-shaped candies with a message.  Colors like green mint, baby pink, baby blue, snow white, sunshine yellow, and others are the inspiration to go crazy with decorating for Cupid’s event.

Valentine’s Day Pool Lighting

So, if your swimming pool has colored LED lights, you may want to choose any of those candy colors, or program it so it can change every few minutes to make your Valentine’s Day event a memorable one.

Custom Pool LED LightingLast November we published a blog on changing the color of the lights in your pool. If you already did change the lighting system, then congratulations!  You have the essential accessory to decorate your swimming pool.  If you haven’t, then check out our blog on how you can change the LED lights.  You will see how much fun it is to have it in hand, especially for any occasion.

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