Underwater Yoga

Aqua Yoga and Its Benefits

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If you have a swimming pool, then congratulations! The swimming pool is not only for enjoyment but also for relaxation. And if you think that yoga is just to practice on the floor in your living room or terrace, well, the answer is no.

When Paramahansa Yogananda published “Autobiography of a Yogi” in 1946, very few got into practicing yoga. The big boom on the routine came in the 1960’s when the Beatles were looking to break away from the “popularity chaos” of their career, and looked to rest on a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and transcendental meditation. Today, many are looking to practice Yoga, but now it has many variations, including the water.

Many swimming pool owners look to gather friends and an instructor to practice this new way of life. To understand it, we have to take a look at the definition.

What is Aqua Yoga?

swimming pool aquatic yogaAqua Yoga is another type of yoga performed in water. It is a low impact and gentle routine where the asanas (postures) are more comfortable to perform in a warm water pool or more natural, open water.

The postures and principles of yoga adapt to an aquatic environment, including breathing and mindfulness. What makes this exercise fascinating is that it is relaxing, soothing and restorative by effects of the body being in the water.

Aqua yoga helps in stimulating the lymphatic system, strengthening the whole body, and improving the range of motion and flexibility. The float-ability of the water in Aqua yoga allows the stress of weight off of the joints; it can make some positions, such as balancing or standing postures, feel much easier. It may also help you find their optimum stretch.

The benefits of Aqua Yoga expand to a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Today, many aquatic exercises and therapies have long been a healing practice. While some say that it helps with pain relief, others feel that they have a much better connection with the physical body.

Breathing is another benefit of Aqua Yoga. It helps you control your breathing rhythm, and also helps you to release stress.

Don’t forget that simmering in water is a healing practice, and some say that it helps with pain relief, and cultivates a more significant connection with the physical body.

Many people believe that the immersion in water helps a person cultivate a more profound, smoother and more mindful breathing, allowing them to become more absorbed in their experience.

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