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The Advantages of Adding a Putting Green with Your New Pool

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Putting greens are the latest rage in backyard living.  It’s the classic entertainment for all ages.  Children will have fun learning the sport while adults will practice getting better at their game.

You may be asking why we are posting about putting greens when we are a swimming pool construction company.  Well, many of our customers enjoy playing golf, and many have requested to have this feature as part of their outdoor family room.  While we offer other items for a backyard like an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit, a putting green will complete your home resort and convert your home into the ultimate staycation.

Therefore, we decided to provide putting greens as a feature that we can build along with your new swimming pool or if you want to do a renovation, we can include a putting green as part of your project.

How Do We Make a Putting Green?

You can have a putting green anywhere in your backyard.  We custom-design your green area with many putting scenarios, different breaks and a variety of flag pole options to personalize your putting area.  We use synthetic grass, which gives a beautiful green color that goes well with the natural grass.  It represents less maintenance, no watering and no need to use pesticides.  Place a fringe turf to make the area look more realistic while it defines the area where you practice.  Remember, our team of designers will guide you through the process and provide you with the design that you want.

Putting Green

Advantages of Having a Putting Green:

Staying Active

When you have a putting green, it will help you increase your physical activity, burn calories and, while being under the sun, you can increase the vitamin D in your body.  Putting greens can also help you beat seasonal depression.

In addition to staying active yourself, kids will engage in physical activity, helping them avoid childhood obesity, and staying away from electronic devices.

Enjoy Time with the Family

A putting green not only gives you an opportunity to teach golf techniques to your children, but also creates games or can even establish a hobby that the family can enjoy together.  Golf is a sport that anyone can play and provides excellent family bonding and memories that you will cherish forever.

Game Improvement

If you enjoy playing golf, then imagine improving your skills year-round.  That’s right; when you have a putting green, it will be available anytime you want to practice.  You don’t need to go anywhere but walk into your backyard.

If you are considering getting a new swimming pool or renovating an existing one, don’t forget to add a putting green in your backyard.  We guarantee you and your family will have fun for years to come.

At Platinum Pools, we have experts that can guide you in the construction or renovation of swimming pools.  Visit any of our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria, or call us at 281.870.1600 to learn more.