Setting Pool Equipment

Your Pool Equipment and Space; How Much Does It Need?

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Often homeowners save on pool maintenance costs by taking good care of their pool equipment. Think about it. If your pool filter, pump, and heater are in good shape, you will not spend much on pool repairs. They will work efficiently, and you will not have to worry about common pool problems. One way to ensure that the equipment is safe is to keep it in a place with enough space.

Pool Equipment

Pool builders recommend storing the equipment in an equipment pad large enough to accommodate all the equipment. First, find a place to keep the equipment pad, and do not place it too close to the house. Do not store the equipment too far from the house because it can be troublesome to maintain it. Furthermore, make sure that there is enough space for the size and amount of equipment needed for your pool.

Equipment Size and Space

The size of the equipment pad needed will depend on a variety of things including how big your pool is as well as what features are included in your pool. A typical project will usually have a pool heater, filter, pump, and other equipment in this space. Make sure the area has room for your equipment and still leaves some space for ventilation. Remember that pool heaters work best when they ventilate properly. Furthermore, make sure the area is free of hanging branches or leaves. You can always consult your pool contractor for advice on where to place your pool equipment.

Considering Other Factors While Selecting a Place for the Pool Equipment

In addition to size, you should also choose an accessible spot from flooding. When you install the main drain, skimmers, and return lines, make sure you place them strategically with the location of the pool equipment in mind.

While a pool pump and filter are the primary electrical devices of your pool, a pump and filter are not the only devices you will need after installing a pool. You’ll also need to keep pool cleaning equipment available, such as a pool cleaner and a net. Pool chemicals are also essential to keep your pool’s pH balanced. You do not need to set aside space in your backyard for cleaning equipment, and pool chemicals like you do for a pool and its pump and filtration system, but you still need to set aside a space for various equipment when you install a pool.

The longevity of your pool depends mainly on the condition of the equipment and how well you maintain it. If you squeeze your equipment, it can cause damage and affect the normal functioning of your pool. You must keep your equipment carefully by storing it in a proper place. Remember to always leave room for ventilation when placing your pool equipment.

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