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The Phases of Building a Swimming Pool Part One – What You Need to Know and Do Before Building a Pool

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As we start a new season, our staff at Platinum Pools want to provide valuable information on the steps we take to build a swimming pool.  It is vital for us to provide the best quality, with the best pool equipment and filtering system that is eco-friendly and economical.  But most of all, to ensure that our product is the best and secure for you and your family.

Our concerns go beyond just delivering a swimming pool; it is all about safety for your family as well as our construction workers who put everything together.  It is essential that, during the construction process, safety is the key ingredient from beginning to end, and for your family who will use the pool for years to come creating memories.

We look forward to you following our series and hope that the information will be of great help.  If you need the advice of a professional in anything related to swimming pools or swimming pool accessories, allow us to be your expert as allies in the area to ensure high-quality construction.

The Process Starts with You!

Yes, you!  You decided to add a swimming pool in your backyard, right?  So, start by doing a bit of research.

Check the pool builders in your area by visiting professional sites online where you can check reviews, photos, or even videos of designs.  You probably may already have a pool design in mind.  Chat with friends who already have an oasis.  They can provide advice and even recommend a builder.

Once you have your list of builders ready, call and set appointments that are fitting to your schedule.  Of course, you can also have a list of pool accessories that you find appropriate for your family’s lifestyle.

At Platinum Pools, our staff is ready to take care of your backyard needs.  We also provide a play area at our Houston showroom for your children while our team provides you their undivided attention.

Let’s take a look at how we get ready to build your pool.

Location!  Location!  Location!

Ensure which area you want to place the swimming pool.  We genuinely recommend selecting a peaceful and private space.  Typically, the location should be in your backyard.

Take into consideration that it will be sunny for most of the year, and the temperature is a huge factor.  Although autumn and winter months are a bit cool, spring and summer can be quite warm.  Your backyard may be the sunniest place in your home.

The location of the pool on the property will also depend on other points:

  • Access to the swimming pool from different areas of the property
  • Choosing a spot to place the pump and filter system.
  • Setting the drainage.
  • Visibility from the house – safety is always important, so having an unblocked view can help, especially if you have children.
  • Location of courtyards and corridors.
  • Space for stairs, trampoline or pool entries.
  • Easement locations.

Geotechnical Study and Other Natural Factors

In some cases, a geotechnical study is needed to reveal if the land is firm and stable.  In most cases, flatland is idyllic to build a pool.  That doesn’t mean that we cannot tackle slopes; we do indeed.

The importance of having a report lies in these factors:

  • It helps the builder to know possible extra costs that may arise due to special soil conditions.
  • It helps to see the condition of the terrain.

The investigation must contain several points; some of the most critical points are:

  • Plan of the place showing the location of existing holes in the ground.
  • Cartography of the site and the existing nearby foundations.
  • Suggestions for unique excavations, leveling maneuver and structural requirements.

On another observation, keep in mind that trees can affect the structure of the swimming pool, especially if it has extensive roots.  These can cause cracks and leaks, as well as create waste that can go into your pool.  You may opt to have a citrus tree like an orange or lemon tree.  These not only have small roots but will also help keep the insects away.


It is lovely to add a swimming pool to your home, right.  Like any other type of construction, it is necessary to have the proper permits to build one.


Each city and county has its rules.  For example, Harris County requires that a swimming pool structure does not block or interfere with any utility easement and that the swimming pool keeps a mandatory minimum space needed from any on-site septic system.

It is vital to submit the county’s residential application, a site plan and a pool plan detail that includes the BFE and elevation in case the building takes place in a hazardous flooding area.

This is just an example of what is required to build a pool in Houston.  However, you should always ask your friendly swimming pool contractor in your area of what you will need to submit to get the proper permits. At Platinum Pools our team will help handle the permit process for you, collecting all of the required information and will send it to all needed cities or counties for approval.


The project manager has full responsibility to understand the blueprints specifications. These specifications provide details of various components entailed on the plan.

The plans should provide various angles necessary to follow in the construction.  These include:

  • View of the plane from above.
  • Elevated view.
  • Detailed structural view.
  • Cross sections.

The plan may have dotted lines to indicate where the drainage, water, dry wells, septic tanks, and other vital points. The site plan does not usually include bushes or other details in any landscaping packages.

Are you ready?  This is only the beginning.  Check out Part 2 of our series in April.  Meanwhile, we invite you to visit one of our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria and check everything that you need for your swimming pool and backyard. You can also call us at 281.870.1600 or fill out our free quote form on our website for more information.