Sheer Descent With Water Bowls On Raised Wall

Water Features Helping to Reduce Stress

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Water features are becoming a staple of swimming pools, especially here in Houston, TX.  They serve as a decorative or fun element or a swimming pool.  Water features also provide other benefits that accentuate the natural and relaxing properties that water already provides. 

The idea of decorating your swimming pool with water features go beyond that; it’s all about rest and relaxation in your home.   So, how does water relax the mind?  Watching the water and hearing its sound places our overloaded minds into a relaxed and hypnotic state.  It helps the brain to process thoughts differently, leading to a calmer and more creative state.  Neuroscientists and psychologists are much more devoted to studying the impact of water on our happiness and wellbeing, being surrounded by what is known as blue spaces.

Benefits of Water in Sight and Sound

Water Induces Meditative States

Listening to the sound of water can take us to a conscious meditative state. It has been found that the sound of the waves alters the wave patterns of the brain and causes a meditative and relaxed state. Even the simple fact of observing the movement of water causes our minds to calm down. This has numerous benefits, as it contributes to reducing depression and levels of stress and anxiety and promotes better mental clarity and sleep patterns.

Pool Water Features

Attracts Inspiration and Creativity

When we are near water, our brain goes from the busy mode to the relaxed mode. This, of course, causes the brain to “open up” because it does not focus on the millions of thoughts that revolve around it, which can often cause stress or anxiety. When the brain is relaxed, it opens more to creative thoughts.

It Gives a Sense of Amazement

Amazement is an important factor in positive thinking. The emotion of amazement contributes greatly to our happiness; not only does it allow us to be in the present moment but also it makes us think of our place in the world and invokes a feeling of humility, as well as feelings of connection with something beyond ourselves, facing the pure vastness of nature.

 A Great Source of Negative Ions

Positive ions are emitted by electrical devices such as computers, microwaves and hair dryers that strip us of our natural energy, while negative ions are generated by waterfalls, ocean waves, and thunderstorms. Many negative ions in the atmosphere accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen and balance the levels of serotonin (the chemical related to mood and stress) and helps to rejuvenate the mind and improve alertness and concentration.

Types of Water Features

Water features are now constructed with materials that are resistant to weather conditions and eco-environmental.  The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of our favorite pool features for you to consider! Before you decide to consider adding any pool features, make sure you have a concept, theme, or idea in mind. 



One of the most common features you can add to a new pool is the waterfall. Waterfalls combine elegance and simplicity. The water of the pool will be recycled and used in the waterfall. You can also add some stones or rocks with the fall to give it a natural look.  There are various designs to choose from, such as:

Moss Rock Waterfall

Made from natural rock and available in various sizes

Natural Rock Waterfall with Slide

Combines natural moss rock with a gunite slide to add both beauty and excitement to your pool.

Artificial Waterfall with Slide

A replica of any style of natural rock; an advantage to personalize it to your backyard.

Pool Grotto in Katy TX


Not only is it a waterfall, but it is also an area where kids and adults can sit on a bench behind the waterfall to watch and listen to the waterfall.

Ultra-Grotto Waterfall

Provides an opening into a spa behind the waterfall.

Weeping Walls

A great way to extend a waterfall making it more natural and serves as a nice subtle water feature.

Other Water Features

There are other items that will help create the perfect oasis:


If you want a raised ledge or wall, then scuppers are all you need.  They create a visual beauty and a background sound for your swimming pool.  There are various designs and sizes to choose to your liking.

Sheer Descents

Sheer descents produce a clear arc of water, projecting away from a raised wall onto your swimming pool offering a dramatic focal point.  The sounds of sheer descent water features can be almost a silent, glass-like sheet of water or a rushing mountain waterfall.

Rain Descents

If you are looking for a water feature to create a visual effect, then rain descents are the answer.  It produces a solid sheet of water with the sound and illusion of rain.  Usually, it can go as a stand-alone structure or a structure like a pavilion.

Pencil Jets

If you like a geometric design, then this water feature will give a “WOW factor” to your pool.  Pencil jets are streams of water that shoots from the pool deck into the water.

When you add water features to your swimming pool design, not only will they add beauty and excitement to your pool, but also give you hours of de-stress.  Choosing water features is nearly endless and is only restricted by your own personal preference and imagination.  Regardless of what you choose, it will give you peace of mind.

If you are ready for a new oasis in your backyard, our designers are ready to help you.  Don’t forget that Platinum Pools offers amazing water features, available in various designs and sizes, as well as other swimming pool add-ons, to help you create your dream pool or revamp your oasis.