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Choosing the Right Pool for Your Family

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September Edition

Swimming Pool Family FunIn this edition of our newsletter we will help guide you through the process of choosing the right pool for your family. Every family has their own individual expectations and needs.  Once you have decided on the right pool design for your family the next step is to choose the right pool equipment to keep maintenance down to a minimum.

Choosing Your Pool

It’s been decided (or at least almost decided) – your family wants aCustom Swimming Pools in Texas pool! Working with Platinum Pools, we do all of the heavy lifting of making that dream a reality. However, the most critical step of the process of getting a new pool begins long before excavation and that is the design phase. Consider the purpose of your swimming pool. Will you be using it for exercise, entertainment, or for relaxation purposes? Important decisions to begin pondering on include:  pool shape, special features (like a water fall or slide), and pricing.

Visit our website to learn more about the variety of design options.

Ease of Maintenance

The reasons why families want a pool in their own Spa attached to Swimming Pool backyard are as plentiful as the many variations that are possible for a custom pool.  Regardless of your family’s specific reason(s), Platinum Pools aims to help families find the right equipment to minimize pool maintenance. Owning a pool today isn’t the same as it was 10-20 or 30 years ago. With advances in technology and pool design, maintaining a pool can be streamlined and simplified, ensuring you spend your time enjoying your pool and not maintaining it. In this month’s newsletter, we highlight three different pieces of equipment to ease your maintenance needs.

Automatic Pool Digital Assistants (PDAs)

To avoid having to manually power all your water Automatic Pool PDA Remote features or equipment many pool owners now use automatic PDAs which resemble remote controllers utilized in most households to control TV-video-sound system combos.  They’re built durably for the use of outdoors and eliminate the need for up to 8 different auxiliary device controllers. With automatic PDAs, you have wireless control of the pool’s function such as lighting, heating, filtration, chemical balance, heater cool down and self-monitoring freeze protection (to name a few). You will never have to get up to turn on the lights; simply use your PDA from the comfort of your pool or spa.


Reduce the headaches of having to shock your Swimming Pool Ozonator pool. With an Ozonator you will eliminate this step. An Ozonator does for your pool water what a good thunderstorm does for the air and environment.  Ozonators, like the Clear Oby Paramount, freshens your pool water by neutralizing toxins and bacteria that that can lead to skin irritation. Adding an ozonator to your pool improves overall water quality, giving you an added assurance that your pool not only looks clean, but it also truly is clean.  Go ahead and dive in!

Automatic Pool Cleaners (Robots)

It’s amazing how technology can help alleviate your Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner pain of cleaning your pool. In previous editions, we have discussed the benefits of utilizing an automatic pool cleaner.  Recently, Pool Cleaner Reviews released reviews and ratings of the Top Pool Cleaner Awards.

Automatic Pool Cleaners are a low cost, energy efficient way to ensure your pool stays crystal clear year round without breaking your back or your bank account!

Get the inside scoop and watch a video on the 9300 Polaris robotic cleaner

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