Raised Spa With Moss Rock Spillway

Why Add a Spillway to a Spa?

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Custom pools and spas convert an ordinary backyard into a high-end home resort. When requesting a spa, adding a spillway will add elegance and a relaxing element to an oasis. When adding a raised spa it becomes a gathering spot to hang out and an outdoor art piece by adding natural tiles, mosaic tiles, and coping. Some customers like to place stones or plants around their swimming pools, adding a more natural ambiance. A spa spillway adds a modern touch, letting water flow from the spa into the pool. It helps to relax anyone looking for a Zen moment.

A Source of Inspiration

A dam or levee has a spillway; a structure used to provide the water’s controlled release to flow into the dammed river’s riverbed. 

There is always a reason for everything, and the same goes for spillways. It helps ensure that water does not damage parts of the structure not designed to convey water.

The floodgates and fuse plugs are parts of a spillway. It helps to control the water flow and reservoir level, enabling the spillway to control downstream flow. 

Benefits of Spa Spillways

There is an excellent reason to include a spillway on a spa:

  • Relaxation – the design element provides relaxation and a therapeutic ambiance. It gives an elegant association between the spa and the pool.
  • A Discreet Addition – although the spillway is a simple and classic design element, it does not make it the center of a pool design. 
  • Keeps Circulating Water – the spillway helps circulate the water in a spa and a pool and, most importantly, helps preserve the pool water clean.

Types of Spillways

Open Spillway

This features a sheet of water falling from an opening in the spa to the swimming pool.

Bridge Spillway

This has a similar function to scuppers. Again, it has a natural water descent from the spa into the pool.

Bridge Spillway

Stacked Flagstone

This creates a babbling brook sound. Using stacked flagstone gives a visual illusion of how the water travels from the spa to the pool.

Spa With Stacked Spillover

Stacked Travertine

Stacked travertine spas add the sound of falling water to the pool. Like stacked flagstone, stacked travertine also brings color to the cascading water. 

Stacked Travertine Spa Spillway

Negative Edge Spillway

If a homeowner selects a modern designed pool, then the negative edge spa is the way to go. Water spills from all borders while it gives the illusion of a reflective spa. 

Negative Edge tile spa in league city tx

Reflection Spillway

This spa gives a resort spa look and feel. Reflection spas have negative edge spillways with tile linings, giving the water a reflective top.

Reflection Spa

With so many other details, there is no denying that spillways bring a Zen atmosphere to a backyard. We are sure that our clients will enjoy their backyard more.  

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