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Kid’s Birthday Pool Party

In Party Planning by Platinum Pools

If your child has a summer birthday a pool party is the perfect way to gather his or her friends from school back together to celebrate! In fact, because the pool is the main attraction, planning and hosting this birthday party is fairly simple.

Before you Have a Pool Party:

•    Make sure you review child pool safety tips. Always have plenty of adults handy to help out and keep an eye on children.
•    Talk to the parents of invited children to see if any of them have any medical needs as well as their level of swimming ability. You’ll want to know in advance if Timmy can’t swim before he jumps in the deep end.

What to Bring:

•    It’s important to always remember the essentials when you hit the pool. This includes things like goggles, sunscreen, towels, etc.


•    Kids love their food plain and simple. Keep it easy for you and order a pizza or grill up some hot dogs.
•    Snacks like fish crackers and small pieces of fruit like grapes and cantaloupe slices will work well for this party.
•    Keep plenty of cold bottled water handy along with soda drinks.
•    We all know birthdays are all about the cake! If you’re hosting the birthday party at home consider getting or making an ice cream cake for that extra “summery” touch.


•    Bright colors are the most simple way to make your child’s party pop. While you should consider using a beach theme or another theme, using brightly colored balloons, plates, and napkins, and other fun party accessories will help set the party atmosphere and look great in the pictures.

Toys and Games:

•    It’s no secret that kids love pool toys. Check out a comprehensive list of pool toys for some ideas on keeping the kiddos entertained during the party.
•    Make sure pool games are age appropriate. Different games require different levels of swimming skills so just adjust any games appropriately.

Other Tips:

•    Consider investing in a one-time use disposable underwater camera. Ages 5 and up will love having the ability to take pictures of each other under water and you’ll cherish the pictures for years to come!
•    Want help cleaning up? Kids love contests! Tell them the person who cleans up the most trash in five minutes can be first to pick his or her favorite popsicle flavor.
•    Make sure kids know where the bathroom is and make sure they can get there quickly when they need it!