Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

The Benefits of Having a Fire Pit

In Pool Features by Platinum Pools

Outdoor living is where it is at these days. Homeowners are getting into building a swimming pool with the latest accessories, outdoor kitchens to entertain the family, a spa for relaxation, and enviable landscaping. Fire pits are also in high demand. So, what are the benefits of adding one in a backyard? Here are some reasons why you should include a fire pit with your backyard oasis: 

No Wood Involved

The days of searching and chopping wood is not in the panorama. Instead, installing a gas fire pit is the way to go. Using media like glass or lava rock lasts longer, and it gives additional hours of fun in the backyard.  

No Need to Clean Ash From Gas Fire Pit

Homeowners and their guests can enjoy a gas fire pit without the worry of having to clean out ash from the fire pit. Fire glass for a gas fire pit is a great option that comes in various colors and has many advantages; it does not discolor, melt, or burn. Best of all, fire glass media are non-toxic, smokeless, and produces no ash or soot.

Home Value 

An outdoor fire pit not only brings beauty to a backyard but also increases the value of a property. If a homeowner decides to sell the house, having a fire pit in the yard can be a significant plus that attracts buyers who might have otherwise been on the fence.

Outdoor Seating Area By The Fire Pit

Fire pits become a beautiful piece. Imagine a seating area with cushions around a fire pit. Believe us; our designers know how to integrate one that is fitting to your outdoor oasis. 

A Great Excuse to Go Outside

A homeowner has an excellent backyard, but a fire pit can make it very inviting. It helps people to step out of the comfort and security of the home into the wide-open spaces.  

A Holiday Experience

No matter if it is Memorial Day, Halloween, or Christmas, installing a fire pit can provide the ultimate holiday experience. Imagine your family and friends gathering around the fire, telling spooky stories, or singing Christmas carols.

Feel Cozy

Fire pits are perfect if a homeowner wants to enjoy a cozy evening at home, watch the stars or warm up after an evening swim next to a fire pit.    

Finishing Touch

There is nothing that ties all backyard features together like a fire pit. It has the aspects of transition, focal point, practical, and connects the decor.   

The outdoor fire pit is one of the simplest yet most compelling ways to transform your yard’s experience everyone will enjoy. 

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