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Plan Your Memorial Day Pool Party

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Pool season is upon us, and Platinum Pools is gearing up for a busy season.  All across America, pool owners are getting ready for prime swim time.  As Memorial Day is considered the unofficial beginning of summer in the United States, this vacation honors those in the United States military, often celebrated with parades, backyard barbecues, and pool parties.  If you want to kick off the pool season with a Memorial Day pool party, keep in mind a few things to observe when planning your event.

Plan and Get Your Pool Ready

It’s not a good idea to plan a party at the last minute, but this is especially true for pool parties.  Allow enough time to get your pool open and ready to swim.  You may discover a maintenance problem from over the offseason that can take some time to fix.  Do not let poor planning ruin your party before it even starts.

Once your pool is ready to go, finalize your guest list and send out invitations at least a few weeks in advance.  Traditional invitations sent through the mail add a personal touch to the party, but electronic invitations can work just as well.  If you are celebrating a Theme Party (more on that in a moment), try incorporating that into the invitations.

Highly recommended – set up a Facebook event so you can keep your guests updated or answer questions.  It can be helpful if your party has a potluck element and guests bring food.  You can also remind your guests in advance of the event to keep anticipation high.

Themes and Decorations

While not required for a successful Memorial Day pool party, a good theme can get a party going.  Since Memorial Day is a holiday that honors those who died to protect the freedoms of the United States, a patriotic theme is the most obvious choice.

Red, white, and blue are the colors to use when planning a Memorial Day pool party.  Stock up on streamers, flags, balloons, plates, cups, and cutlery.  If you need more decorations or inspiration, try Google or search on Pinterest.  There’s a ton there.  You can keep it simple and don’t have to spend a fortune on your decorations.  With little money, you can ensure that your friends and neighbors will remember your Memorial Day pool party for years to come.

Food and Drinks

It would not be a party without food and drink.  Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, grilling is a popular option for food preparation – hot dogs and hamburgers are the obvious choices.  You can also grill plant-based alternatives to suit the preferences of all party guests.

Although burgers and sausages are the classics, give your guests a choice to customize their burger or dog to their taste while providing a condiment bar with ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc.  You could also make burger sliders with the condiment bar or offer an ice cream sundae bar for dessert.

It is important to observe safety around the grill.  Many grill mishaps cause thousands of fires every year, and the most common problem is improper grill placement.  Keep the grill away from anything flammable, and clean the grill surface thoroughly before you start grilling.  If you do not want to fire up the grill, renting a hot dog cart might be a fun and memorable alternative,  or you can order pizzas if you aren’t in the mood to cook anything.  You do not have to labor over a hot grill to throw a great pool party.

 As for drinks, be sure to have plenty of water and soft drinks.  A big pot of sweet tea is also a popular option (especially in the south).

Music, Beautiful Music!

Part of a good pool party is good music.  Today most of us have a Bluetooth speaker or sound system that connects to our smartphones.  If not, you can purchase such a system at an affordable price.  

You have two options for enjoying the music.  Either make a pool party playlist on the music streaming platform of your choice or allow your guests access to the Bluetooth speakers to choose the music.  If you are hosting a kid-friendly party, it might be best to put together your playlist to minimize the chances of an indecent track popping up on random playback.

Games and Activities

Good food, good friends, and a swimming pool are enough for a great Memorial Day pool party, but a few fun activities can spice things up – especially if there are kids.

You could have a few swimming, noodle, or swim races in the pool.  You could throw a bunch of change into the pool and have a “treasure hunt.” Sharks and minnows is another classic pool game (and a personal favorite from my childhood).  A splashing competition could be fun.  If you have a basketball hoop or volleyball net at the pool, you can organize a game with your guests.

Out-of-the-water games are popular, like corn hole, horseshoes, or a ladder toss.  If you have the necessary equipment, you can also play volleyball or badminton.  Since most of your guests will be in bathing suits, you might even be able to have a water balloon fight.

If you want to keep things quieter, why not play some playing cards or another popular card game like Uno or Rook.  Your guests might also enjoy playing dominoes if you have a set.  Tip: You can even cut up an old pool noodle to make cardholders.

Be Safe and Have Fun

As with any poolside gathering, safety should come first.  May is National Water Safety Month, after all.  If anyone is in the pool, a water guard should be keeping an eye on swimmers.  Make sure you have your pool rules before anyone jumps in the water.  If you want to brush up on pool safety, check out our article Safety Checklist for Summer.