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Pool Chillers and its Advantages

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We are in the hottest month of the year. If you have a pool, you already know to expect the water to be cool and refreshing. However, the days are longer, and the oasis gets more exposure to sun rays. So, did you ever jump into a pool and discover the water is hot? Then your swimming pool needs pool chillers. 

It is incredible to know the people do not include a pool chiller, thinking that the water doesn’t get hot. 

It may be the case in some areas, but it is not the rule.

The following information will help you understand about pool chillers, how it works, its costs and its advantages.

What is a Pool Chiller?

A pool chiller is a piece of equipment that helps to circulate and cool down the water in a swimming pool. Just like water features such as a waterfall or a spillway, it also has a cooling effect.  

A pool chiller can take over a pool pump from running all day and burning out. It keeps the water moving with additional airflow.

How Do Pool Chillers Work?

A pool chiller has cooling fans that activate, helping to lower the water temperature before it flows back to the pool. Usually, the equipment should lower it by approximately five to ten degrees by the time it finishes the cycle. However, keep in mind to opt for a pump and chiller combo. Heat pump chiller combos can inject the pool water with heat or remove the heat from the pool water, depending on the weather. 

When Can You Install a Pool Chiller?

Pool experts say that adding a pool chiller to your heat pump is better, but not all are heater/chiller combos. There are many options regarding pool chillers. Regardless of whether you are getting a pool or already have one, they are easy to install and work. Keep in mind that you must add the chiller and the heat pump at the same time.

Are Pool Chillers Worth It?

Definitely! If your AC unit in your car worth it, then imagine going into a refreshing pool on a hot summer day.    

If you’re having trouble deciding, test your pool water temperature and compare it to ideal water temperatures. 

Idyllic Water Temperatures

An idyllic water temperature for recreational swimming pools is between 78° and 86° degrees. If the pool water goes over 86°, consider using a pool chiller to bring it down a bit. 

Avoids Algae Development 

Apart from refreshing the pool water, it can help combat algae while saving money on chemicals. Algae is less likely to take hold of the pool’s surface with increased water circulation and cooler temperatures.   


The average lifespan of a pool chiller can endure from ten to twenty years. It depends on the brand, maintenance, and usage.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost will depend on the type of equipment and the amount of usage. Pool chillers are energy-efficient, and they cost less than a dollar to ten dollars per day. Those that receive power through solar energy panels may cost less while running the cycle in the pool.

Color Inlays

Colors can have different effects during the summertime. For example, a black colored car can absorb the heat and turn a vehicle into an oven on a summer day. The same can happen to the water in your swimming pool. But in Texas, you may need a pool chiller. If your oasis has colors other than white, tan, or light blue, then add a pool chiller to your list. 

When Does a Swimming Pool Need a Pool Chiller? 

While most cities get warm in the summer months, a pool can benefit from having a pool chiller. However, an oasis may need one if:

  • You live in a warm climate – living in a city where temperatures reach over 90° degrees and more, a pool chiller can help bring it down to a comfortable level. 
  • Pools than six feet deep – if the oasis is less than six feet deep and has a colored finish, chances are the water will heat up.
  • Your pool has a pebble or tile inlay – pebble and tile finish on gunite, or concrete pools are often prone to warming the pool water, making a chiller a good option for gunite pool owners.

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