staycation and the swimming pool

Staycation and the Swimming Pool

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Everyone wants a stress-free vacation, it is what we dream of! However, making reservations, getting flight tickets, and getting a medical certificate that you are COVID-free can be strenuous. What we need is a staycation! 

What is a Staycation?

According to many sources, a staycation describes a local vacation that requires little to no travel. In other words, you “stay” in your backyard or hometown to do activities that you would typically do on vacation. 

There are many different types of staycation, but in this case, let’s say you want to sunbathe by the pool or to have an outdoor feast. All that is fine and dandy, but it is the pool amenities that convert your backyard into a serious “staycation spot.” Let’s take a look at these features:


Create paradise in your backyard with a stone grotto. The grotto offers a miniature sanctuary when you want to escape—without leaving home. The cave-like structures incorporate a large, towering waterfall made with natural or artificial rocks. In the shaded cove beneath the falls, swimmers can go into a shade, and it is a fun feature for the kids.

These beautiful features can be a small, cozy nook with space for a couple of people, or they can be large with built-in lights, seating, or a spa. Also, the waterfall pouring overhead into the pool provides relaxing sounds, making you feel away on a tropical island.


Although the spa is becoming a standard when building a pool, it can enhance the appearance and take it into another dimension. Not only it has health benefits, but it is also fun to have:

  • Host a spa party for your friends
  • Relish some solitude and unwind. 
  • Relax away from the stress by indulging in warm waters and relieving sore muscles with massaging jets.  
  • Enjoy music at sundown.

Also, the heater in your spa works independently from the pool. So, it makes it possible to extend the staycation for additional months in the year. 

Tanning Shelf

No staycation would be complete without enjoying the sunshine; it gets better with a tanning shelf. The shallow perches provide a spot to set your lounge chair or for you to lie partially submerged in the cool water. Using the same interior finish as the rest of the pool gives a more comprehensive look.

Swim-Up Bar

A swim-up bar helps to create a resort setting in your backyard. It is a great feature for entertaining family and friends.  

Some believe that a swim-up bar is exclusively for large backyards. However, there are ways to make them work in other sized backyards as well. Functionality, beauty, and space are essential points for the design of a swim-up bar.

Keep in mind; the swim-up bar has “staycation” written all over it.

Multicolor LED lighting

A real vacation means relaxing evenings too. After the sun goes down, a LED lighting system can extend your “staycation” for hours.

Elevate the poolside ambiance with color-changing lights around your pool, spa, and landscaping. It will deliver a display of intense, jewel-tone colors that make you feel like you are somewhere else. With an easy remote, you can adjust the colors or set light shows using pre-programmed features.

Fire and Water Features

Fire and water features give an appealing finesse to every oasis. These unique pool features not only serve as a relaxing and soothing ambiance but also transform your backyard into the ultimate staycation:

  • Provide a perfect environment for entertaining.
  • It helps you to unwind yourself after a long day at the office.
  • It can help increase the value of your home.

Of course, fire bowls and fire pits help to give your oasis theat finishing touch. Our designers customize your swimming pool to convert your patio into a luxurious haven. Can you imagine the sound of water and the warm glow of fire? It is your wish come true.

Are you ready for your next staycation? Our designing staff is ready to take you through the process of creating the pool of your dreams. Call us today or visit our website for a free quote.