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Pool Design Trends for 2023

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Whether considering new construction or upgrading your backyard oasis, keeping a pool design trendy and relevant is essential. If not, it can become an outdated addition. Check out our latest blog on eight of the top 2023 pool design trends! 

Trendy Pool Colors

We do know that a pool’s water looks like various shades of blue. Did you know that water can absorb other colors like red, orange, and yellow? Also, using a blue, white, or gray finish or adding a blue tile to the inlay pool helps the water look crystal blue.  

Some trendy designs originate from the standard blue watercolor, using other shades to outstand the pool color. It all depends on the color shade you want. For example, using shades of green can bring earth colors like brown or tan to life. Or if wanting to be cutting edge, black goes well, although it does not have a natural feel. 

Updated Water Features

Water features are becoming more creative, regardless of spillovers and small waterfalls continuing as the gold standards for pool construction. Designs like a hidden grotto surrounded by flowing water, small cascades winding on a stone, or multi-spillovers can all make a statement. 

Everything Infinity

Swimming pools with infinity edges are a trend that has been around for a while. The vanishing edge design goes back centuries, but they have been popular additions to typical backyard pools since the 1950s. 

For 2023, the infinity edge is taking a new route in the use of spillovers all around. The multi-tier pool is the latest in swimming pool design, so it is better to connect one level to the next and use them in swim-up bars and spas. 

Swim Jets

Many still believe that it requires a large backyard to build a pool. Well, we have news for you; our designers at Platinum Pools can create the perfect oasis by making the best designs. Many add swim jets to smaller pools, providing an easier way to get swim laps without worrying about space and getting an excellent workout.   

Inspiration from Abroad

Bali, Tuscany, Las Vegas… oftentimes resorts, where it has the most exciting pool designs. People interested in a pool may get inspiration from their travels. Some may want to create a tropical hideaway, a retreat, or a resort.

It is not only the theme, but the details to make it happen, like stone, tile, color, landscaping, glass, and more. It is always good to communicate ideas with a professional to get the look you want from a pool and the backyard. 

Soaking Up the Sun on a Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge is still a very popular feature to add to a pool, like taking the shallow end to a new level.

The design is a shallow ledge a few inches deep, a great area to lay down, soak up the sun, and sit on submerged furniture. A ledge is an idyllic place for children and pets and a spot to sit, read a book or have a cocktail without compromising on swimming. 

Pool Lighting

Adding lights to a pool is not new, but adding LED lights continues to be a trend for 2023. Pool lighting options go beyond the standard lights. LED light fixtures shine brighter, and they are energy-efficient. They are also available with a remote control to change them to any color, perfect for any holiday event.

Beyond the Pool Lights  

Adding light fixtures is now an integral part of a backyard. Many now enjoy the outdoors, and if you are one of them, you may want to check a few ideas listed below: 

  • Illuminate the border of the deck or patio
  • Place lights (facing upward) to illuminate plants, tree branches, and flowers.   
  • Illuminate structures like pool houses, patio covers, and umbrellas 
  • Have lights point to focus items like statues, fountains, and other artifacts. 

Hooked on a Few Classics

Combining some of these ideas with the classics may be fun, but consider using the pool features and a property’s value.

Mix one or two trends with classic backyard items for the best look and potential for investment. Save room for the budget to add an outdoor kitchen or a structure like a pergola or a pavilion. It adds usage to your backyard and is attractive for gatherings. 

Have these 2023 pool design trends come to life! It’s time to turn your backyard dreams into reality. Call Platinum Pools today or visit our website for a free quote.

Happy 2023 from the Platinum Pools Family!