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Pool Industry Trends in 2021

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For more than a year, we saw an event we did not expect in our industry.  With the growth of swimming pool purchases in the United States in 2020, the trend may continue regardless of whether the Pandemic is under control or not. 

It is a fact that our lifestyle changed drastically.  Many who are now working from home are moving to other states or neighborhoods, which means getting the house updated.  One of those items for the house is a swimming pool.

The magnified changes cause a few trends that, even in the pool industry, would see.  For us at Platinum Pools, here are four of the most interesting trends we see to date:

Patience…it’s a Virtue!

If someone purchases a pool and spa combo today, they may not see the final product until 2022 depending on the back log of the pool builder they purchased their pool from.  According to experts in the pool industry, the demand for an oasis continues to rise in 2021.  Lead times from manufacturers and retailers, as well as builders, are extending time frames to complete pools due to the increase of demand and material shortages.  

There is something behind all this; people are willing to wait.  Builders may have full schedules way into the following year.  Most clients do not expect dates far from what they imagine; luckily, most prospects understand.  After all, a swimming pool and spa brings people together and makes them happy.

Staying Healthy During Pandemic Times

A strong topic during the Pandemic is the health issue.  No, we are not mentioning COVID-19 but about staying healthy.  For many years, health concerns continue as a long-term trend, and the pool industry understands the benefits of owning an oasis.  Anyone looks to release stress, sleep better, improve family connections — it sums up the things that pool products offer.  Spas, pool jets, or swim machines are becoming a favorite. Fitness-focused people who couldn’t go to the gym are now moving their exercise routines to the swimming pool.  Think about it; the pool brings the family together, creates memories, and brings health from swimming.  It is worthwhile to add an oasis to a backyard, and it is the best investment a homeowner can make at their property.

Backyard – The New Family Room

People are spending more time at home and investing more in their properties.  It is not new for Platinum Pools to say that the backyard becomes the new family room, and we say it for a good reason. 

There was a time when homeowners were happy with only the swimming pool and a portable BBQ.  Now, they want it all.  Everyone wants a backyard experience.  Now that people are using their “vacation funds” to fix their homes, their first investment is in the backyard. 

The complete backyard is a mega-trend.  So, what features can complete a backyard?  Apart from the swimming pool and spa, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens are popular.  Recently there is a demand for pergolas, pavilions, and more prominent seating areas. Improving the overall landscaping of the yard is becoming a priority to homeowners as well.

Many of today’s outdoor designs give an indoor ambiance in an outdoor space.  Using materials complementary to the indoor space can bring that effect, flowing from the inside to the outside.

Adding New Pool Accessories

If a family usually goes to the Caribbean for vacation, they may spend most of the time at the pool area.    Most resorts have waterfalls, pool slides, and a bar.  With travel restrictions, it makes it difficult to get away.  However, what is it that they like about the resort they could bring to their pool?

Waterfalls, pool slides, and a bar; all those items become things that spark interest. Future pool owners are ready to spend more now that spending more time at home is imminent.   Prospects are also considering the long-term enjoyment and simple maintenance of a swimming pool.  In-floor circulation and debris removal systems are becoming excellent selling features, as well as LED light systems.

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