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Are You Ready for Memorial Day Weekend?

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The pandemic interrupted many activities that we took for granted.  It was the regular long weekend that allowed a lot of us to have some “quality time,” or so we thought.  Recently, the governor of Texas established a rule that we no longer need to use masks, yet the number of cases was rising day by day.

Now that many are getting their vaccines, there is a light of hope at the end of the horizon. The CDC confirmed that people who got their vaccines can now gather in small groups without having to wear masks.   This means that it is time to have that pool party you missed in 2020.  Those who found that having a Memorial Day celebration was arduous work will now see it as an important event like Christmas.  And, if any homeowner built an oasis during pandemic times, now it’s the time to share time with family and friends.

First Things First

Check the Pool’s Chemicals

Do your routine pool check of chemistry levels, skim the water from debris and leaves, and ensure that the filter and pump are clean. If you feel that the pool equipment is not working correctly, contact a pool professional to get your pool inspected and serviced.

Clean the Pool’s Deck

The pool’s deck can become dirty from trees, dirt, mud, and more. Since it is a damp environment, algae, mold, and mildew can appear on the surface, making the pool’s deck ugly, slippery and dangerous, transmitting diseases to bare feet. A pressure washer removes all those elements, bringing back your deck to its beautiful glory.

Caring for the Garden

If you have a lush garden around your pool, then a quick trim is in order. Cutting the grass, trimming the hedges and trees will make your backyard neat and help prevent leaves from falling into your pool.

Feed the Flowers

Do you have flowers in your backyard? A bit of water mixed with feeding nutrients for those “blooming colors” will make them look alive and beautiful.

Flying Bugs? Get the Citronella

Summer also brings a few bugs like flies and mosquitoes. It doesn’t hurt to have a bug repellant handy. The good news is that citronella comes with a combination of fragrances that is easier to the nose.

Assign Turns for Watching the Kids

Let’s face it! Kids will attend the pool party. Have some of your guests take turns keeping an eye on the children. And, as we always insist in our blogs, have a first aid kit and life jackets available. Better be safe than sorry.

The Outdoor Family Room is Clean and Ready

Now that everything is ready, you can proceed to organize your Memorial Day party. Here are some items that you should have on your schedule:


Memorial Day pays homage to those who fought for our country. Get a patriotic-motive decoration in red, white, and blue. Everything from paper cups, plates, and napkins, will do the trick.

Pool Games

Plan some pool games that the whole family can enjoy. Keep them fun and easy but with a competitive edge. Group sports like pool volleyball, basketball, or a good game of Marco Polo should suffice.

Ideal Foods

Salads, vegetables, and fruit are excellent choices for warm temperatures. If you invite meat fans, then get the grill ready for a few hot dogs, hamburgers, or even sausages. Keep the food out of the sun. Also, remember to keep food covered and away from insects.

Don’t Forget the Drinks!

Drinks are a must!  Bottles of water, fruit juice, and other beverages for adults should be refrigerated.  Also, have ice available and a punch that everyone can enjoy.

Music to Enjoy

No party can be without music. Spotify gives you the tools to create your summer playlist or use Pandora to stream music. If you happen to use any music player from your computer, you have to connect it to your sound system via Bluetooth. No matter what, music makes your guests sing and dance to the beat.

We are sure that our recommendations will work wonders for your long weekend. We also want to remind everyone to take some time to pay homage to any relative or friend who fought for the USA. Give them a hug and say, “Thank You.”

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