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Choosing Patio Furniture For Your Pool

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People around the world are spending more time at home due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing.  Homeowners are creating the perfect paradise for summer that makes them forget about ever leaving the comforts of home.  Enjoy outdoor cooking, family time, and games at a backyard ready for anything with patio furniture.

When transforming a simple backyard into an oasis, there are many items to consider including pergolas, pavilions, outdoor kitchens, or even gorgeous decking.  However, the swimming pool has the starring role of a backyard. The right furniture can help to make it one of the most exciting spaces in your home.  With a proper mix of functionality and style, it will be idyllic to read a book, rest, meet your friends or enjoy a pleasant climate. We share some essential tips for you to choose the best furniture for your backyard oasis.

We are all about swimming pools and outdoor furniture must combine well with the design. Coping and decking are the crowns of the pool, and that is where the homeowner needs a few tips in choosing patio furniture. The architectural design of the home, the garden, and any visual elements can help the homeowner select the color and texture of patio furniture.  It helps to make a better decision to find a balance to an outdoor living area, where functionality meets beauty.

If the backyard has an outdoor kitchen, a pergola, or a pavilion, it will determine what to select for that perfect outdoor ambiance.  In this case, dining furniture and some benches will provide a place for rest and relaxation.

Another factor to consider is the available space around the swimming pool.  Buying the wrong size patio furniture may interfere with walking paths, plant pots, ornaments, and other accessories you may have in your oasis.

Today’s outdoor furniture is resistant to many weather conditions and is easy to clean.  If you choose to have cushions, check out our blog on how to clean outdoor furniture cushions.  Do not forget that outdoor furniture comes in various materials like wood, bamboo, rattan, metal, plastic, acrylic or, concrete. 

Decorating Styles

Minimalist – as the name suggests, it only needs few elements; furniture with straight, simple lines, with light colors and earthly tones, will do the trick.

Rustic – the word may say farmhouses or rural houses in remote places.  The fun part of making a rustic decoration is when a slate or flagstone decking surrounds the swimming pool.  Using warm colors and wooden furniture integrates with the environment.  In the same way as in the Mediterranean style, plants, large pots, and other rustic accessories take on complementing the oasis.

Mediterranean Style – if a home has a Spanish architectural style, or the pool has a straight geometric design, then the Mediterranean decor goes well.  Blue toned outdoor furniture gives a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.  In most cases, integrating potted plants into the look provides a freer look.

Modern-Vintage – call it retro, but it is a trend found among young homeowners.  The objective is to decorate their backyard with wrought iron or weathered wood to provide an aged style. 

Zen – comfortable and functional decoration is the key to creating a Zen look.  Also called the “chill out” style, it requires outdoor sofas and side tables.  Add some pillows, poufs, and an outdoor rug and place it under a pergola.