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Pool Renovation Ideas

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In-ground pools can use a facelift at least every 20 years to keep up with Mother Nature, changing tastes, and new upgrades available.

A pool renovation isn’t only an investment but also the backyard and the value of your home.  The original investment in your pool only lasts a certain amount of time.  Every 15 to 20 years, you should invest in your pool to keep it from deteriorating and to keep it fun and inviting.

New Shape

Changing the shape of the pool can be an adventurous renovation idea, but it’s doable.  Creating a more extended lane at one end can make a pool look more prominent or change one or more sides of a rectangular pool by adding curves.  Anything is possible, but some are more feasible than others before a renovation becomes a replacement!

Add a Spa

Installing a spa right next to the pool so that it spills over into the pool can be easier than you.  Since they sit a few inches above the pool deck, they stay cleaner and are easier to cover.  Adding planters on either side of the deck creates a more natural scenery next to the spa.

Pool Bar Stools, Tables & Pool Furniture

Imagine getting comfortable, reading a book while a drink sits safely on the table in the pool; how you were just on vacation and loved the idea of sitting at the bar in the pool.

Renovate the Pool Deck

Renovating the pool deck can have the biggest impact on a pool and the entire backyard!  Pool builders are increasingly using paved designs.  Other options include stamped concrete, a way to stamp designs into a new concrete patio, and outdoor floor tiles.  Natural stone decks, such as flagstone, are also popular.  Pool deck resurfacing also offers the opportunity to redesign the pool coping.

New Pump and Filter

After some time, a pump and filter may be outdated, undersized, or inefficient.  Upgrading pool equipment to dual-speed or variable-speed pumps save energy, and cartridge filters are easier to clean and save water.  Heat pumps don’t require fossil fuels while avoiding emissions.  Valves are items replaced during a pool renovation.  These days, 3-way valves are standard, helping to simplify plumbing, and are easier to use than 2-way ball valves.

Sanitizing Systems

More new pools use trace elements to cut chlorine consumption in half, and ozonation uses the power of oxygen to disinfect the water while reducing chlorine consumption.

Water Features

Whether elegant and sophisticated or wild and natural, well-designed water features blend into the overall environment.  From pencil jets that deliver a sharp stream of water to waterfalls and cascades over boulders, the lush sound of falling water can significantly enhance the atmosphere around the pool. 

LED Lights

Pool lighting has long since left incandescent bulbs behind.  Halogen and fiber optic lighting was popular ten years ago, but today LED is the lighting of the future.  Highly energy efficient, LED pool lights add a deep hue to pool water.  Adding a second LED lamp through the pool wall can create a dramatic effect. 

Fire Features

Fire pits and fire bowls warm the night air and creates an unparalleled ambiance for evening swimming.  Place a fire around the pool and watch people gather around.

Tanning Shelves

Adding a tanning shelf to a pool is an excellent way to cool off on hot days without going all the way into the pool.  It’s also ideal for small children to play under your supervision.  Tanning shelves allow you to place lounge chairs or an umbrella in the pool and cool off.

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