President's Day Pool Party

Presidents’ Day by the Pool

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The school year comes with a lot of challenges for parents.  It’s all about the Christmas pageant, the Halloween costume contest or graduation.  But there is nothing more challenging than a long weekend.  There are not many of them, but it’s not like summer, where you can plan ahead for that trip in a car or a plane, or even send the kids to camp.  Those long weekends mean planning at the speed of light.  You don’t want to hear your kids say, “I’m bored”.

If you live in the Houston area, and you have a swimming pool, you are planning ahead for your kids to have a day in the oasis.  You may even be thinking about inviting other kids and parents.  So, why not make a Presidents’ Day pool party?

We know that you are not a stranger in planning a pool party.  So, instead of taking out top hats imitating Lincoln or a wig to pretend to be Washington, plan ahead a few activities that can be done in the swimming pool.  You got it…Games!  And, don’t forget the food.


Plan the games carefully based on the age of your children, or young teenagers.  Ensure that they can swim, and they are accompanied with (at least) one parent.  Here are some games appropriate for everyone:

Marco Polo – The classic game of hide and seek in the water.  One player will tag another player by the sound of the voices.  While the “it” player calls out “Marco”, and the other players call out “Polo”, he or she will tag another.  Once tagged, the player becomes the “it” person, and the game continues.

The Invisible Bottle – Take a clear, 2-liter plastic bottle; remove the wrapper and fill it with pool water.  Form two teams and line them up in the water, at opposite sides of the pool.  All the players must face away from the water.  A person stands outside of the pool and throws the bottle into the water.  The players turn around when they hear the splash and try to find the bottle.  Believe it or not, the clear bottle blends in and becomes almost invisible.

Copy Cat – This is an ideal game with younger children.  Just pick one player to be the leader and another to be a watcher.  All players are in the swimming pool lined up with the leader in front.  The leader will swim in any style while the players imitate them.  The watcher eliminates any player who is not doing the copycat.  This continues until one remains and becomes the new leader.


A barbecue is great for the adults who are accompanying the children.  If you plan to cook burgers, think about some of the dressings that can make it different, like roquefort cheese or blue cheese and bacon.  If steaks are on the agenda, you can marinate them the night before, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and enjoy a savory meal.  Vegetable skewers are also a favorite with both adults and children.

It’s also good to have something for the children.  Remember that kids are in more of a rush to return to the swimming pool.  A healthy snack bar is a great alternative.  Celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and baby carrots with a bit of ranch dip always hits the spot.  Fruits also come in handy, as well as yogurt drinks or juice.  Have a beverage dispenser ready with a great homemade punch for everyone to enjoy.


Remember that there has to be a safe environment around the pool, especially when children are concerned.  Kids love to jump into the pool and run around the deck.  That is why we emphasize to always have a first aid kit available and somthing to induce breathing.  Also, if you plan to serve alcohol to adults, advise them of areas that can be slippery.

We hope that with our tips, your Presidents’ Day party will be a success!  Remember that Platinum Pools is your place where we custom-build the pool of your dreams.  Call us at 1.281.870.1600 (Houston), 1.409.898.4994 (Beaumont), or 1.361.576.0183 (Victoria) or visit our website for a free quote.