Cocktail Pool vs. Spool – Know the Difference

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If a homeowner is looking for a cozy spot that brings life to a home, then a cocktail pool or spool is a great option. They are smaller than a standard pool and are ideal for entertaining in small spaces.

If someone thinks a small backyard has no room for a pool, then think again. Many visit our offices requesting an oasis that adapts to limited space. It is not about the land’s size but about designing a structure that adjusts to the backyard. Here is where a cocktail pool or spool comes in handy.

Cocktail Pool, What Is It?

Cocktail pools are sometimes called compact pools. It is a reduced-sized swimming pool, but it can be so much more than that.

When a Cocktail Pool Becomes a Spool

Once a pool builder adds seating, jets, and heaters, then it becomes a Spool (Spa Pool). Like any other swimming pool, a spool is versatile, allowing escape from the heat, warm-up, or relaxation.

Cocktail Pool & Spool Designs

Some cocktail pools may look like tiny swimming pools, while others are round like a spa. Notwithstanding, customization is also limitless. Homeowners can relax and enjoy their backyard with a cocktail pool. Adding a heater can extend the use during the winter months. It also gives the backyard a relaxing atmosphere as well as beauty. 

While many choose a cocktail pool as a focal point of the backyard, it is more flexible. Surround the oasis with a stylish deck, including water features like cascades, fountains, and jets. Even LED lights can set the scene to give an air of sophistication and elegance! Or, how about adding spa jets to make it a spool? In the long run, it is the place to bring family and friends together. 

Cocktail Pool/Spool Size

Consider this; a cocktail pool/spool is excellent for a single person or larger for small gatherings not exceeding ten people. Most cocktail pools/spools are smaller, but they can be around twelve feet by fourteen feet and lower. Compare it to 25 times the size of the average bathtub. These pools are usually only about four feet deep or less, so there’s no natural deep end. A spool can be a great build for you.

How Much Does A Cocktail Pool/Spool Cost?

Like all pools, the cost of a spool depends on the homeowner’s preference. The final price will depend on the materials used to build the cocktail pool or spool. In the long run, cocktail pools/spools can be cost-effective and save space.


A homeowner can spend much less to keep a cocktail pool clean because of its small size. Also, it uses less water and electricity with a compact pool.

Keep in mind that the exact cost of a cocktail pool varies, so it’s a good idea to ask around for a custom estimate.

We recommend homeowners consult a swimming pool construction company and determine if a cocktail pool/spool is best for their limited space or needs. Remember, Platinum Pools is your place where we custom-build the backyard of your dreams. Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.