Cocktail Pool

Is a Cocktail Pool Right for You?

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If anyone thinks that a small backyard cannot hold an in-ground pool, then think again.  Many clients visit our offices requesting an oasis that adapts to limited space. It is not about the size of the land, but to design a structure that adapts to a backyard.  Many times, a cocktail pool comes in handy.

What is a Cocktail Pool?

A cocktail pool is larger than a spa and smaller than your typical pool.  They typically measures between ten to sixteen feet long and six to eight feet wide. 

Spa and Cocktail Pool – There is a Difference

Many people believe that a cocktail pool is just an oversized spa.  But there is a vast difference, and it is the depth. 

Cocktail pools have depths between thirty-eight to forty-two inches.  Spas should not exceed thirty-one inches in depth.  While they both are small and have similar features, they allows the swimmer to submerge fully while standing.


Cocktail pools are more prevalent in urban areas where the backyard is smaller than in suburban areas.  However, some homeowners are going for smaller pools for more room for lounging and entertaining. Cocktail pools allow homeowners to add other backyard features like outdoor kitchens and lounging areas.


If a home deserves maintenance, so does a swimming pool.  Cocktail pools are not the exception.  But there is an advantage; it takes less time to clean one, but it needs to be cleaned just as often as a regular oasis.


Cocktail pools can be cost-effective and save space.  On the other hand, materials selected and desired features will determine how much a homeowner will spend in building a cocktail pool. 

Add Features and Use it Like a Regular Pool

Relax and enjoy the outdoors with a cocktail pool.  It is a great place to gather family and friends.  Since it is a smaller version, it goes well with a heater to extend its use during the winter months.  It also gives a backyard a relaxing and outstanding aesthetics based on the decor.

Many choose to make them the focal point of the backyard. Surrounding the oasis with a stylish deck, and adding features such as cascades, fountains, and jets. Adding an air of sophistication and elegance makes the cocktail pool more ideal for entertaining, adding LED lights can set the scene!

We recommend consulting with a swimming pool construction company and find out if a cocktail pool is right for you.  Remember, Platinum Pools is your place where we custom-build the pool and backyard of your dreams.  Call us at 281.870.1600 or visit our website for a free quote.