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The Cities With The Most Residential Pools

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Sunny, sandy states are thirsty for cool water. The Sun Belt, covering the southern and westernmost regions of the US, is a high concentration of residential swimming pools.  In lieu of a relatively modest population compared to Los Angeles, Phoenix is number one with 32.7% of homes with a pool. 

Three Florida cities occupy the next three spots:

  • Miami – 30% 
  • Tampa – 27.7%
  • Orlando – 25.9%

Other rankings include:

  • Las Vegas, NV – 23.8%
  • Los Angeles, CA – 19%
  • Riverside, CA – 18.3%
  • San Diego, CA – 17%
  • Sacramento, CA – 14%

Houston takes the No. 13 spot, with 9.1% of homes with pools.

Of course, the numbers have increased over the past couple of years due to the high demand during the pandemic.  According to a Renofi analysis of Google searches, the pandemic influenced home improvement trends, with an increase of 49% across the US compared to the previous year.  Homeowners used their vacation savings to invest in their backyards to increase their homes’ entertainment capacity which included the skyrocket in pool installations.

Estimated Number of Residential Pools Top 10 States

It may surprise many of you that some states on this list are outside the Sun Belt with the greatest number of residential pools per state:

The 10 States with the greatest number of Residential Pools:

StateEstimated Number of Residential PoolsPeople per Swimming Pool
New York503,00038
New Jersey374,00024

If you live in any of these states and want to install a swimming pool in your backyard, then check the following questions and answers provided by some experts in construction:

Pool Ownership FAQ’s

What are your two best tips for new pool owners?

  • It is critical to clean your pool regularly.
  • It is important to test your pool water on a regular basis – don’t forget to measure nitrates.

What is one unexpected challenge homeowners might face while building or planning a pool?

A frequent cause of unexpected challenges is not investing in high-quality pool surfacing materials.  You can save money in the short term, but it will cost more in the future.

What is the most crucial way to avoid a pool leak?

High-quality pool surfacing materials are seriously underrated, especially when it comes to avoiding pool leaks.  Using high-quality surfacing materials such as PebbleTec can extend the longevity of your swimming pool.

Can a swimming pool add value to a home?  Why or why not, and if so, how much?

 A well-maintained swimming pool improves home value: They are pleasing to the eye and provide hours of family-friendly entertainment.

What are the top two factors affecting the pool’s chemical balance?

The two most important factors that control pool pH are the hydrogen ion concentration and the hydroxide ion concentration.  

What’s one potential pitfall homeowners should avoid while building or maintaining a pool?

Paperwork is important.  It’s critical to take care of all relevant permits before beginning pool construction; based on where you live and the time of requesting permits, it can expedite quickly or slowly.  Otherwise, it can bring many problems during the construction process.

In regard to pool maintenance, ensure that the pool equipment is working properly, and check the chemical balance of the water pool at least once a week.  Without care, your pool can get damaged.  Also, it is appropriate to hire a pool maintenance company to do the job for you.

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