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Automatic Pool Cover – Pros and Cons

In Pool Features, Pool Safety by Platinum Pools

In reality, most pool owners in Texas do not close their pools for the winter season. However, in the last two years, many have requested an automatic pool cover without considering the pros and cons it brings to an oasis. In most cases, the reason for purchasing such a cover is safety. Before requesting an automatic pool cover, we would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of getting one.

It keeps the dirt out, but what about chlorine?

With an automatic pool cover, you will have to invest less time in maintaining your pool. On the other hand, the automatic pool cover keeps the chlorine in and does not let it dissipate as it should. Therefore, it is best to monitor chlorine levels when you use an automatic pool cover.

It helps heat the pool but can also overheat the water.

Automatic pool covers usually raise the temperature of the pool by 10 to 15 degrees. The cover helps keep costs down by keeping much heat from escaping into the air and reducing evaporation. However, leave the cover open to cool the pool if the water gets too warm.

Can it replace a fence?

You can use an auto cover in place of a safety fence, but a fence costs much less than buying an automatic cover.

Does it keep people out?

Automatic pool covers are great for adding an extra level of safety for keeping kids and adults out of the pool just as long as the cover is remembered to be shut when the pool is not being used.


Pool covers can be costly and will vary greatly based on the type of pool cover you want, the size of your pool, and many other factors. Our excellent team of designers can help you decide if an automatic pool cover is right for you. Call Platinum Pools at 281-870-1600 or visit our website for a free quote.