Valentines Day Party

Valentine’s Day by the Pool – A Family Gathering

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Valentine’s Day is coming up. Of course, it is the time to give out candy and flowers to a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or other loved ones. Make sure not to forget another group that loves Valentine’s Day, your children. Do you remember giving your friends little Valentine’s Day cards when you were in elementary school? At Platinum Pools, Valentine’s Day is for everyone. It’s all about love, and what better way to celebrate than with a pool party! Throw a big celebration with friends and family. You have the perfect place to enjoy the day with a pool in your backyard.

Safety First

Safety is always a priority, so before you decorate and invite your guests, make sure you have the following:

  • Have a first aid kit on hand – there are those designed for swimming pools to cover falls from slipping or drowning. It is a good investment and helps provide peace of mind.
  • Safety Fences – a fence around the pool helps keep toddlers safely out of the pool.
  • Adult Supervision – have adults take turns supervising the pool. It helps you avoid mishaps while enjoying Valentine’s Day at the pool.

Pristine Pool: Get Your Pool Ready to Enjoy

Before you decorate and prepare the food, take care of the pool maintenance. A pool party is best with a clean pool, so take the morning to clean and test the chemical levels in the water. If temperatures are low, heat the oasis before the party begins. Start up the water features and test the LED lights. Find the colors that match the mood of Valentine’s Day.


Decorating for a party can be the culmination of the necessary preparations. Your pool is already the focal point of your outdoor space. So think about the areas where your guests will gather and accentuate them with your decorating style. Red, white, and pink are the predominant colors on Valentine’s Day. Balloons, outdoor string lights, and Valentine-themed garden signs are just a few simple ideas to add splashes of color that will catch everyone’s eye. If you want to do something extra special, provide your guests with red towels as they step out of the spa or heated pool.

Sweet and Savory, and Burgers?

Kids and adults love sweets, and Valentine’s Day brings to mind chocolates, red velvet cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, and other sweet treats.

Pairing sweet with savory is the perfect combination for your pool party guests. Instead of preparing a big meal, serve a selection of appetizers on festive platters and set up a dessert bar. Remember to prepare everything in advance, so you can easily enjoy your guests and a dip in the spa or pool.

Someone always loves to cook by the fire. Consider preparing heart-shaped hamburger patties the day before. Kids and adults will love it!

Party Favors

No Valentine’s Day can be without party favors. Prepare a small bag of heart-shaped candy, cards, and toys. It will keep them entertained throughout the party.

Pool Games

Kids are getting more creative these days with pool party games, and adults can play too. Some popular games include Marco Polo, Sharks & Minnows, Change Champion, and more. Check our blog on pool games, where we suggest those that are safe and that everyone can have fun with.

Enjoy the Pool Party!

Now that you have made all the preparations and everything is ready, you can enjoy a great Valentine’s Day by the pool with your guests and create memories that are sure to include lots of love.