Tropical Pool

What it Takes to Build a Tropical Oasis

In Ask the Pool Experts by Platinum Pools

When people think about tropical oasis, one thing that comes to mind is the warm weather.  Then again, the state of Texas is usually hot for most of the year.

To go tropical is a state of mind; it has to do with the landscaping surrounding the pool, relaxation, sand, and more.  The idea of having a tropical designed swimming pool serves a purpose.  It is to give a Zen feeling and sense of contentment after a hard day’s work enjoying the outdoors. 

Tropical designed oases are in high demand.  They have an attractive visual impact as well as a luxurious layout.  Anything from tropical plants and shrubs for the surroundings to stone elements, and different pool features, and accessories will give your pool the tropical oasis environment you are looking for.  

Tropical Swimming Pool Shapes

Tropical oasis designs call for a freeform shape.  Freeform pools can be built in any size to fit the size of your backyard. Usually in tropical pool designs, the pool interior surface is a light color to help simulate the crystalline waters of an island. 

Tropical Pool Features

One of the best pools features to give your pool a tropical look is a waterfall.  Having a waterfall in your backyard oasis allows you to combine it with fire features or a slide.  Many other pool features can also take your backyard to the tropics:

  • Raised Walls – Raised walls are versatile and can accommodate fire bowls, fountains with spillway, and a planter area to place tropical plants.
  • Beach Entry – Beach entries give your pool a more natural beach look.  Beach entries have a gentle slope that allows for sitting and relaxing.
  • Grotto – There is nothing more tropical than a grotto.  Grottos are a perfect pool addition that brings added beauty and privacy.   

Tropical Pool Landscapes

Many homeowners are taking advantage of their outdoor family room, and a well set up landscape helps to beautify a backyard.  Keep in mind that not all plants are appropriate to a place near a swimming pool.

There are plants such as lemongrass, geranium, jasmine, mint, wormwood, magnolia, basil, and rosemary that are great to keep the bugs away from your swimming pool.  These plants go well with a tropical setting.  To make a backyard more tropical, we suggest using plants that are weather-resistant and require low to once a week maintenance.  According to experts, they recommend the following:

  • Agave – An agave is a long-leaved succulent plant that naturally forms a rosette shape and produces a flower spire of attractive cup-shaped flowers.  It is drought tolerant and exceptional for a tropical look. 
  • Aloe – People have been growing aloe vera plants for literally thousands of years, especially for medicinal purposes.   It is a perfect plant for warm areas.  Aloe vera requires special care since it closes the pores from their leaves to avoid evaporation.
  • Small Palm Trees – These plants are idyllic for your backyard.  They have small root balls, so it will not damage the foundation of the swimming pool or a pool deck.  

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