2024 Pool Trends

Pool Trends For 2024  

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Whether you’re planning to build a new pool or renovate your existing backyard pool, it’s important to keep its design up-to-date to ensure it keeps looking fresh.  If you need clarification on the latest trends or want inspiration to transform your backyard, you’ve landed on the right page! In this blog, we will take you through the nine most exciting pool design trends of 2024, so keep scrolling to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends.

2024 Pool Design Trends

Take a Break from Traditional Pool Colors

It’s interesting to note that the water in your pool appears blue due to its ability to absorb most other colors, such as red, orange, and yellow.  Moreover, pool builders use a finish of either blue, white, or gray to achieve the desired beautiful blue water.

Many of the latest pool designs are moving from the traditional blue watercolor to other shades to make the pool stand out like green, which requires the pool finish to be green, brown, or tan.  Alternatively, black can be used for a modern and edgy appearance, although it may not look as natural.

Modern Water Features

When constructing pools, spillovers and small waterfalls are still the best options.  However, modern water features are gaining popularity rapidly.  If you want to make a statement, then you can go for one of the latest pool designs that include a hidden grotto surrounded by flowing water, a series of small cascades winding through natural stones and vegetation, or a multi-tier spillover with a moat.

Infinity Everything

Infinity pools have been a popular addition to backyard swimming pools since the 1950s, and the design concept may have originated centuries ago.  However, in 2024, the trend is taking a new direction with the use of spillovers.  Multi-tier pools are currently in demand, and spillovers provide an excellent way to connect different pool levels.

Swim Jets

It’s no longer necessary to have a big backyard to build a pool. In 2024, anything goes!  Custom pools are becoming increasingly popular because of their new shapes and sizes, which make them suitable for any backyard size.

If you require more space, you can install swim jets to make it easy to swim laps, even with ample room for full-sized lanes.  This way, you can get your exercise in without ever leaving home!

If you’re not in the mood for swimming laps, turn off the jets and use the pool for recreation instead of fitness.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a fascinating option for your pool design, which takes the shallow end of your backyard oasis to a new level.  This ledge is typically a few inches deep and provides a perfect spot to soak up the sun.  You can also place submerged furniture on the ledge for added relaxation.

Will you use this space?  Consider this – it’s an excellent spot to play with kids or pets who aren’t ready for an entire swim yet.  Moreover, it’s a perfect spot to sit and read a book or enjoy a drink without committing to a whole swim.

 LED Lights

Swimming pool ambiance is transforming with the rise of illuminating them at night – a popular trend in pool design in 2024.  The lighting options for pools have come a long way from the standard submerged pool lights of the past.  The use of LEDs has revolutionized the way to light up pools, providing brighter, more energy-efficient, and color-changing options.

In addition to pool lights, lighting around the pool has become integral to enjoying outdoor living.  Here are a few ideas to enhance the pool’s lighting experience:

  • Add lights to the surrounding deck or patio to create an illuminated border outside the pool.
  • Illuminate the tree branches, shrubs, and plants with uplighting, and use downlighting to lighten up a wider area, giving outdoor features the attention they deserve.
  • Light up adjacent structures like patio covers, pool houses, and umbrellas.
  • Highlight garden focal points, such as statues and fountains, with lights.
  • Twinkling overhead lights can make the pool’s water sparkle at night, creating a fantastic ambiance.

Overall, there are plenty of options available to enhance the lighting experience of your pool and surrounding outdoor space.

Incorporate a Few Classics!

While it may seem enticing to merge several of these trending ideas, it is crucial to consider factors such as usability and the resale value of your home.  To achieve the best results and potential return on investment, mix one or two trends with traditional backyard essentials.  Moreover, if you plan to use the area for entertaining, allocate a portion of your budget for features such as an outdoor kitchen or patio cover.  These features not only add functional space to your home but also make your yard more welcoming to your guests.

Bring These 2024 Pool Design Trends to Life!

If you want to turn your pool design dreams into a reality, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Hiring a highly experienced contractor is essential to ensure that your pool design is both functional and appealing.  With the right expertise, your trendy pool design may stay strong.