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Water features are one of the most popular options to add to a pool. When deciding what features you want for your new backyard pool, you can choose from various pool design options. One of them is water curtains (rain descents).

Water curtains, also known as “rain walls” or “rain descents,” continue to be a popular feature for modern pools. They help enhance the ambiance of a backyard, relieve stress, and are incredibly relaxing with minimal maintenance.

It creates a water surface that gives the illusion of a waterfall. Like a waterfall, it makes a soothing white noise that is calming. That’s why water curtains are one of the most stunning pool design trends for 2022.

What is a Water Curtain?

A water curtain is an element placed in a swimming pool to create a visual effect – in this case, the sound and illusion of a rain wall. It forms a solid water surface that cascades down like a waterfall. Some can even be placed on freestanding structures, almost like a frame. Others fall from the side of a structure like a pergola or an awning covering the pool.

Water Curtain

How to Put a Water Curtain to Work

Automation allows you to control the water from your mobile device. Water curtains form a wall with a gradual fall that mimics the sound of falling rain. In other words, the more water, the heavier and louder the waterfall will be. In most cases, rain curtains require eight gallons of water per minute per foot (GPM /ft). But do not worry, it uses recycled water through powerful pumps, which work like a curtain using gravity.

Are There Different Shapes of Water Curtains?

Water curtains are space-saving and an alternative to the typical water fountain. It can run in a straight line or a curve. If it is a swimming pool, the water feature provides a water curtain of your choosing for a swim-up bar or decor that matches the rest of the pool.

There are many to choose from, ranging from one to six feet in length and six to twelve inches in slope. If you want to add a feature to your water curtain, you can install LED lights to illuminate the water. This custom design will add a touch of extravagance to your pool that your family and friends can enjoy the whole summer.

Should You Include a Rain Descent?

Rain Descents are not only a water feature but also a work of art. Imagine a structure overhanging your pool with a rain descent; can you picture it? The outstanding result will enhance your pool with the soothing sound of falling rain. 

If you are ready for a new oasis in your backyard or your pool needs an update, do not forget to ask for a water curtain (rain descent). Many designers love this feature to create stunning areas that add ambiance to your backyard oasis. It helps relieve stress, creates a relaxing atmosphere, and requires minimal maintenance.

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