Swimming Pools During Pandemic

Pandemic Leads to More Families Creating Their Own Backyard Paradise

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Last year, many families spent time planning and being on vacation. A big part of many people’s vacation planning includes checking out the pool at the hotel/resort they will be staying at. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Since mid-March, people have been in confinement to help reduce the spread of the virus that filled the future with doubts.

The perspective of a limited summer season pushed many prospects to find a space in their homes that includes a swimming pool. Unlike last year, the freedom to go somewhere on vacation, the beach, or even a community pool has changed. With some areas in the United States now opening up with restrictions and precautions in place, many are still reluctant to travel as they did in the past and are spending more time at home.

While many tourism and retail companies are suffering, the pool business has increased, almost four times more than in years past. Until the coronavirus outbreak, some homeowners had never even considered the possibility of having their own pool.

In our experience, we saw a drastic increase in demand as the number of leads & calls increased. The demand for a backyard oasis continues, and homeowners prefer to opt for a private environment contrary to limited access to public beaches and swimming pools.

More Privacy and Control

In recent events during the pandemic, many states in the second and third phases of the recovery returned to square one. Many public pools have increased rules & restrictions to help reduce the spread resulting in limited capacity and time each family can spend at the pool. There is an advantage for having your own backyard oasis; it adds privacy, environmental control, and security, especially when it comes to health. The CDC confirmed that properly treated pool water will stop the spread of the virus via pool water.
Homeowners must make sure that their oasis is in optimal condition for its usage.

Supply and Demand

Pool sales are not only limited to the swimming pool, but also the accessories. Fire pits are on the rise as well as spas during the pandemic. In our case, we offer our clients a pool and spa combo. Moreover, clients request waterfalls with slides and grottos, or fountains like scuppers, sheer descents, and gushers to create the ultimate escape without escaping home. Finally, outdoor structures like pergolas and pavilions add to the ultimate backyard experience.

Great Expectations?

People are in a hurry. Many who call us do not have an idea of the cost and the time it takes to build a swimming pool. Here is a reminder, building a swimming pool requires building permits and HOA approvals. With the increase in demand, some permit offices and HOA’s are taking longer than usual to approve these requests. Many contractors are behind due to the increased demand. Some of their crews are not able to work for a period if they tested positive for the virus.

Some pool builders will be quick to start your project. They get your pool dug to lock you into your contract but then will let your pool sit before they continue the construction of your pool. At Platinum Pools, we will not begin the construction of more pools than we can efficiently build at one time.

Outdoor Kitchens and Patio Furniture

The swimming pool is the star of a backyard, but Texans love a barbecue. If you love outdoor entertaining and barbecues, ensure that your budget can include an outdoor kitchen. Add patio furniture that is weather-resistant that lasts a long time. At Platinum Pools, we have outdoor furniture and kitchen appliances for your ultimate outdoor experience.

Platinum Pools continues following CDC guidelines to serve our customers. We have been able to keep over 800 Texans safely working during the pandemic. We are committed to continuing to provide excellent service by providing alternative meeting methods and utilizing technology to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers.