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Pool Renovation – Adding Automated System to Your Oasis

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If you are renovating your swimming pool, you should strongly consider turning your oasis into a smart pool. There is no exception when it comes to automation. If you can turn on the lights of your home or see who is at the door from your Smartphone, you can do the same with your swimming pool.  Just imagine controlling your pool all from your phone.

Think for a moment; you are renovating a pool?  Are you adding water features?  How about a waterfall with a grotto and slide, or a spa?  Then imagine being able to control everything on your pool from your phone from wherever you are. 

What Does a Pool Automation System Include?

Pool automation integrates pumps, filters, water treatments that help keep the oasis clean.  Other features like LED lights, and turning the spa on or off, or have the waterfall running are part of the system.

How to Install an Automation System for Your Pool?

While getting your swimming pool renovated, ask your builder about the equipment available and what works best for the size of your oasis.  Even if you contact the manufacturer directly, a pool expert will know and understand the proper way of how your filtering system works.   Do not rely on those who install automated systems for your home only.

Why Do You Need a Pool Automation System?

With today’s technology, you can automate your pool via apps conveniently located on your Smartphone. With swimming pool automation systems, you can control various parts of your pool’s system all from an app on your phone, you can turn your pool lights on or off, set your desired water temperature, and control your spa and other water features.

When your oasis is ready, you will have more time to relax, exercise, and have fun with family and friends. Mobile apps can help you carry out tasks to keep your pool working correctly.

Adding Automation To Your Pool

Renovate your pool and add an automated pool system.   It is the future, and the future is NOW!

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