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Pool Renovation – Some Swimming Pool Feature Suggestions

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When thinking about remodeling your pool, the first thing you should keep in mind is to look for the current trends and the most appropriate and practical for your backyard.

Here are some suggestions on some of the materials and features that are in right now:

Pool Trends

Pool Deck Material

There is a variety of materials to choose from such as travertine, slate, flagstone, and even artificial turf.  Keep in mind that you may want to select one that is cool to the touch and easy to maintain.  If your pool deck is over 10 years old, and there are any cracks, it is time to switch it out.

Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge gives many uses while in a swimming pool.  The shallow area on a tanning ledge is not only great for tanning but is also a safe place for your kids to enjoy the cool water on a hot summer day.  Some people like to place a couple of lounge chairs with small tables on their tanning ledge to enjoy their favorite drink while catching some sun or put out an umbrella to get some shade.

Pool Interior Surfaces

We all know that water has no color.  Of course, if the color inside the oasis is blue, then it is enhancing the tone.  If you don’t want to stick with the traditional blue water look for your pool, there are a few other colors you can have for your pool’s interior surface. It may be red, yellow or black.  Pebble tec and glass tile surfaces save you time and money because they are stain-resistant, anti-slip and non-porous. The advantage of glass tiles is that it resists humidity, temperature changes, and chemical products.

Water Features

Having water features on your swimming pool design adds beauty and excitement to your custom oasis. When deciding what water features you want for your pool you have many options available like:


These water features can be placed in tanning ledges and beach entries were the water depth does not exceed 6”. Any number of bubblers can be added to your pool but rarely are there ever more than three in any given pool.


Scuppers create a visual enhancement as well as add a soothing backdrop of sound for your pool.  Scuppers come in a variety of designs and sizes allowing you to choose the size and design that you like the best.

Sheer Descents

Sheer descents produce a clear arc of water, projecting away from a raised wall into your swimming pool offering a dramatic focal point. The flow of sheer descents can be adjusted to create a wide range of effects.  The sounds of sheer descent water features can be almost a silent, glass-like sheet of water or a rushing mountain waterfall.


Waterfalls are very common in backyard pool designs. The sounds of flowing water cascading down a natural rock waterfall will transform any swimming pool into a backyard oasis. If you prefer the cascading effect of water dropping from one rock to the next, this has a louder sound than water flowing over the rocks like a babbling brook. Accessorizing your pool with a waterfall truly adds a natural look and feel to your swimming pool.

Pencil Jets

Pencil jets not only are unique but also creates a “WOW Factor” when your family and guests see it.  This type of water feature shoots streams of water from you the deck into the pool. 

Outdoor Structures

Outdoor Structures provide the perfect place for your outdoor furniture, and an area to hold dinner parties, entertain family and friends, or just hanging out.

Pergolas range from kits to custom-designed, made in wood or vinyl.  Even if this type of structure has an open roof, it has beams across the support system determining how much shade or protection will be provided based on the spacing of the beams

Pavilions have a solid roof held in beams and no walls on the sides.  They can complement the style of an existing design, and it can be freestanding or attached to the home.  It makes it easy to add light fixtures, electronics like TVs and sound systems, and even, a kitchen.  It may be higher in cost in comparison to the pergola, but it gives room to the imagination when it comes to customizing the space.

Outdoor Kitchens

Since the days of food channels showing how much fun it is to cook outdoors, many homeowners look for a way to enjoy their backyards, especially in the summertime.  The days of having a hibachi or a gas grill are converting into a more elaborate, more accessible place to cook. When it’s time to have an outdoor kitchen, we are not talking about the grill alone.

An outdoor kitchen is a kitchen outdoors.  Think about some of the accessories you need to make your outdoor kitchen convenient and comfortable.  From the grill to the refrigerator, cupboards and the sink are weather resistant and built to last.  So, if you are considering adding an outdoor structure, think about having the ultimate outdoor kitchen.


If you don’t have a spa, you should really consider adding this feature to your pool renovation list.  No matter if it is adjacent, separated or raised, it gives the family enjoyment all year round.  It provides relaxation while the kids entertain themselves with the water jets.   The in-ground spa also has its beauty features like a spillover into the pool, serving as a water feature while not in use. But in all and all, the spa is the best feature to keep you and your family healthy.  Make the spa a part of the complete outdoor experience. 

Fire Features

There is a variety of backyard fire features available such as firepits, fire bowls, and fire tables.  These amazing elements come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from small fire bowls placed around your pool all the to 10-foot fire-troughs placed along the yard. Firepit glass can also bring dimension and elevation to a cascading waterfall along any pool.  

Filter and Pump System

We left this category for last for one simple reason; changing the filter and pump system is a must in a pool renovation.  Keep in mind that your pool designer must ensure that the equipment fits with everything new that is going into your oasis.  It is not only the total number of gallons of water, but it is also the features that you add into your newly updated pool.

When choosing a pump to go with your swimming pool, you and your pool designer need to make sure it fits with everything your oasis has to offer, including:

  • How many gallons of water does the pool hold?
  • How often will the pool be in use?
  • If the system has more than just the swimming pool
  • The weather (yes, the weather plays an essential role in making your decision).

The most popular type of pool filter by choice is the cartridge filter.  The filter equipment is more efficient since the cartridge filters fall in the middle, so it is only water surrounding the artifact.  Best of all, cleaning them is easy by using a garden hose to rinse the filter chamber and cartridges. Most pool owners clean their pool’s filter system every six months, depending on the water chemistry.

And there you have it!  Don’t let this list overwhelm you.  Do your homework and check around.  Our website provides and our pages on Instagram and Pinterest provide ideas for your pool renovation. Call us at 281.870.1600 for more information.  Our staff is ready to make your backyard dreams come true.