Summer Pool Fun

How to Get More Fun Out of Your Pool

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Now that summer is officially here, do not waste a minute getting the most out of your pool.  For some, the joy of owning a pool can wane after a few years, especially if you are the one who must clean and maintain it.  This year, take it upon yourself to have more fun with your pool – after all, that’s what it’s there for!  Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy your pool more this summer.

Photos and Videos – Underwater

Taking photos or videos in your pool is possible for almost anyone these days.  Underwater photos are candid and spontaneous.  They can be fun, silly, artistic, or serious.  You can buy disposable underwater cameras at many novelty stores for $10 – or use your smartphone in a waterproof case, also available for less than ten dollars.  A group photo underwater is an excellent idea for a pool party.  Get them printed and give them to your guests as they leave the party.  It is a souvenir that lasts forever.

Lights by the Pool

Fire pits are a great way to enjoy summer nights into the fall.  Tiki torches are also a fun artifact to place around the pool.  Gas-powered fire bowls are all the rage for even more dramatic flames.  LED pool lighting can bathe your pool in a colorful glow while saving 75% on lighting costs.  500-watt incandescent bulbs will one day be a thing of the past.  Glowing globes are also a popular way to bathe your pool area in fabulous light.  Floating pool lights add a touch of elegance to the pool deck.

Pool Volleyball

If there is a pool game that brings everyone to a swimming pool, it’s volleyball.  You don’t need to have a waterproof volleyball; you can replace it with a beach ball for a slower-paced game.  The beach ball stays in the air longer, and if it hits someone in the face, it’s no big deal.  Pool volleyball sets are typically quick to assemble.  For a permanent attachment with removable poles, insert two cup anchors into the deck on opposite pool sides.

Pool Furniture – Update

Adults love to have conversations, and it can be fun too!  Comfortable pool furniture in an area of your pool may allow people to sit for hours.  Today’s pool furniture is large, comfortable, and inviting.  Even in the intense Texas sun, the materials are more durable than ever.  A pool furniture makeover could be just what you need to extend your time by the pool.

Micro RC Boat Race

Chasing small remote-control boats (RC) around the pool is fun for almost anyone.  They are inexpensive, and it uses regular batteries.  Kids and adults enjoy this type of water entertainment.  Create longer races or place an obstacle course in the pool!

Pool Slides

Turn your backyard pool into your water park with a pool slide!  Your kids and their friends will not leave the pool once you install a waterslide – they are just so much fun!  To install a slide, you first need to ensure you have enough space on the concrete deck.  Our designers can help you choose a waterslide for your pool and family.

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