Pool Building Questions

What to Ask Before Purchasing a Pool

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Many homeowners dream of having a swimming pool in their backyard, as it’s a great way to bring family and friends together.  Finding a reliable and experienced pool construction company is crucial if you’re looking to build a pool.  Having a general idea of what you want regarding pool shape and size is also essential.  Fortunately, a reputable pool construction company can guide you through the process.  To help you understand better how it works and make sure you know everything you need to know, we recommend answering the following questions and considering the tips from our staff:

Why do you want a swimming pool in your backyard? 

Your answer will dictate your pool’s design and features.  For example, your pool will look different for a pool intended for backyard entertainment versus if you want to use it for primarily swimming laps.  Consider whether you want to enjoy the aesthetics or audible appeal of water in your backyard or need a combination pool/spa for hydrotherapy.

Apart from yourself, who else will use the pool?

Keep in mind that people of all ages enjoy a pool, so it’s essential to accommodate swimmers and allow multiple activities.  Consider adding shallow areas for toddlers, additional grab rails for older adults, tanning shelves for sunbathers, or speakers for music enthusiasts.

Is your backyard adaptable for pool construction? 

Consider whether the proposed site is accessible to the heavy machinery needed to dig the hole for the pool and ensure that the path is at least 8 feet wide. If not, we may have to use specialized equipment for smaller spaces or even consider hand-digging the pool in some circumstances.

Where to locate the swimming pool? 

Knowing the development plans and building codes for your property is crucial, as it can affect the location of the pool.  Consider how people will enter and exit the pool, where they will stay, and how to maximize sun exposure and minimize wind exposure.

What special features do you want in your pool? 

Consider adding water features and lighting to make your pool more enjoyable even when not swimming.  Think underwater benches, beach-like entries, a swim-up bar, and areas to play water volleyball or basketball.  Also, consider installing handrails, a swim jet system that allows you to swim in place, and an automatic pool cover for convenient protection.

What other backyard amenities do you want? 

List everything you’d like to include in your ideal backyard oasis, even if your budget doesn’t permit building them now.  Consider a pool house, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, outdoor shower, swim-up bar, gazebo, and even children’s play equipment.

What materials do you want to use? 

Consider the surrounding architecture and landscape to determine which materials to use.  Decking and tile have become the standard, while natural stone pavers and rock waterfalls can help a pool blend into a natural landscape.  Glass tiles and arching water jets, on the other hand, look beautiful in a modern, urban setting.

How can you ensure that your pool will be easy to maintain? 

Proper planning can significantly reduce maintenance.  Ensure your pool is energy efficient and has solid hydraulics and powerful filtration, such as variable-speed pumps, larger pipes, good skimmers, and an above-average circulation rate.  In-floor pool cleaning systems also help minimize the amount of weekly maintenance needed in your pool.

Who will build the swimming pool? 

To find reliable and skilled pool builders who can deliver quality construction and impressive designs, ask for referrals from friends, colleagues, building inspectors, and landscape architects.  Seek recommendations from those who own pools that match your preferences.

Always ask an expert designer to guide you step-by-step in designing the pool of your dreams. Create a budget and a list of amenities you want for your pool.  At Platinum Pools, we are ready to guide you through the process of building the backyard of your dreams.  Call us today or visit our website for a free quote.